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Major Need for Leaders with an Insight into Business Psychology

Press release February 7, 2014 Business psychology Mini MBA Probana

One of the few things on which we can all agree is that we live in a changing world. Change and development seems to be the only thing that we can take for granted today. Also the labor market is affected by this tendency, and the late 20th Century has seen a large-scale shift in terms of work and production. The new form of work is characterized by advanced technology - atomization, advanced computers and information technologies, and this has implications for the restructuring of work tasks, employment and organizational practices in the whole.


The labour market has moved from focusing solely on production and turnover to now also giving more attention to the human and psychological factors on the labor market. Many companies establish HR departments, which focus on whether employees are satisfied with their working conditions, how staff motivation can be increased, how cooperation can be improved, etc. All of these tendencies are becoming more and more inevitable in Danish companies and organizations.

Organizations are often structured so that the HR departments operate in parallel with the other departments in the company. This may be necessary in large companies with many departments and employees, but in small and medium-sized companies, it is not always economically or structurally possible with such a division. In such companies, HR issues are often solved by means of e.g. external consultants or in connection with performance reviews or similar.

But it is actually possible for small and medium-sized companies to develop their HRM opportunities without major costs. Leaders and HR managers can with advantage acquire additional HR competencies and general knowledge in the field of business psychology and then implement it in their respective departments or in the company in general, without the help of external consultants.

Regardless of how a company chooses to implement employee-oriented initiatives, business experts agree that it is both necessary and important. Additional training for leaders and HR managers within the field of business psychology is therefore more relevant than ever.

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Business psychology Mini MBA Probana