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Magnetic and Negative ion Bracelets Improves your quality of life

Press release July 22, 2010 Fashion

Leading Magnetic Bracelets Manufacturer offers High Quality Negative ion Bracelets at Affordable Prices. Online Jewelry Store to Buy all Mens Jewellery.

Divoti is a line of healing and enhancing jewelry. Their selection of bracelets includes titanium, germanium, copper, and magnetic bracelets. Divoti jewelry distinguishes itself by its meticulously crafted metal selected for its best properties and by its luxurious and stylish good looks. These bracelets are an attractive way to improve your quality of life, whether you are sore from golfing or gardening, and make a great gift. Many of these healthful bracelets can be worn by both genders.

The benefits of magnets have been known since ancient times. Divoti’s magnetic bracelets improve circulation and help soothe fatigued muscles. In addition, they can alleviate symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis, and reduce the swelling of joints and limbs. These bracelets are designed to release a fixed, uniform quantity of magnetism which adjusts the flow of positive and negative ions inside the body.

The beautiful copper bracelets allow for contact between the skin and a 99.9% copper material, which is absorbed into the body. These can help relieve pain and ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms when worn. A washable green mark may appear on the skin the copper patch was in contact with. This mark is due to the oxidation of some copper atoms onto the skin.

Divoti’s titanium bracelets regulate the electrical charge in the human body. Titanium is completely biocompatible, and can produce physical effects such as relaxing muscles and mental effects such as improving memory. These are particularly helpful for repairing the damage caused by our constant exposure to cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

The germanium bracelets also work to repair damage from overexposure to man-made electromagnetic fields. Not only does germanium improve memory and concentration, it reduces the sense of fatigue and boosts immunity. Germanium produces negative ions which are beneficial to human health.

The health jewelry Divoti makes is beautiful, and cleverly designed so that no resin or glue disrupts the flow of ions into the body. There are elegant bracelet styles suitable for either gender as well as full lines of male and female styles.

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