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Luggage Tags - Tuff Tags assist Dynamic Plastics Group succeed in tough times

Press release September 15, 2009 Tourism

What are small business supposed to do when faced with business losses during this recession. Dynamic Plastics Group decided to take action.

Small business accounts for high percentage of US employment, but it is especially vulnerable in the current downturn.  One NJ plastic injection molding company has refused to give up, and has decided to take back lost business with a "tough" approach. 

A substantial part of Dynamic Plastics Group's business was lost recently when several specialty catalog companies selling their "tuff luggage tags", suddenly went out of business.  The owner of is Leo Czekalski. 

According to one of his competitors, Leo has a reputation as "one tough guy" that refuses to give up under any circumstance.  Instead of taking a business loss on the chin, Leo decided to go direct to his customers.  Leo said, "We make the best luggage tags in the business. 

I have been making these luggage tags for 20 years.  We make the toughest and most unbreakable luggage tags in the industry out of butyrate plastic.  No one else uses such high quality material.  I just couldn't stand to lose business because of this lousy recession.  Honestly, this recession justs makes me sick to my stomach." 

Leo hired a local web site promotion specialist to develop a new web site and offer his luggage tags direct to consumers.  He said, "Ten years ago I would never have thought about selling direct from manufacturer to consumer, but desperate times call for desperate measures."

Dynamic Plastics Group's innovative approach to business survival is typical of the small businesses that have managed to make it through the current recession.  Many small businesses have been forced to think of options they probably never would have considered, if not for the economic downturn. 

n that sense there may be a small silver lining to the current recession cloud.  Businesses that have refused to accept hard economic facts as reality, have moved in new directions and pursued opportunities in areas never before imagined, in order to insure their survival. hopes that this "tough tactic" is exactly the appropriate response that will help them to survive the recession and thrive in the expected recovery that will inevitably come.  

They may be correct in their calculation that in these tough economic times consumers are looking for value and durability in consumer products more than ever before.  Although the travel industry is certainly not currently thriving, there is always a need to protect personal property, especially travel luggage. 

Dynamic Plastics Group may have the "tuff luggage tags", made by "tough guy" Leo Czekalski that consumers demand of manufacturers in today's tough economic times.

Dynamic Plastics Group manufactures "tuff luggage tags", and a variety of products with uses that vary from consumer products to medical devices.