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Less Clothes Mean More Jewelry

Press release August 8, 2009 Fashion

lia sophia offers tips for accessorizing during the summer season

WOOD DALE, Ill. (Grassroots Newswire) -  As the weather gets warmer, skirts get shorter and jackets come off as women begin to flaunt the season's hottest, skin-bearing styles. But, just because they are pairing down on clothing doesn't mean that they should skimp on accessories. In fact, according to Rhonda Riggs, Independent Advisor for lia sophia, less clothes should mean more jewelry for the local fashionista.

"Summer styles naturally incorporate less fabric, which means that there are ample opportunities to accent your overall look with multiple accessories," said Riggs.  "From glitzy earrings and bracelets to trendy necklaces and rings, accessories are the perfect way to put your personal signature on your summer style."

According to Riggs, however, there are particular guidelines that women should follow in order to avoid looking like a fashion faux pas.  The following tips are recommended by Riggs to help women look their best when wearing less: 

  • Keep it simple and let the jewelry speak: When it comes to expressing your style, it's all too easy to go overboard.  This summer, turn heads by keeping your clothing tame and going bold with accessories.
  • Go for the layered look: Many popular clothing styles feature layers of fabric and now layers of jewelry are en vogue as well. Experiment with layering necklaces of different lengths and wearing multiple bangle bracelets.  Aim for three pieces of the same accessory for the most flattering look.
  • Make a statement with cuff bracelets: Chunky, trendy and easy to wear, cuff bracelets are particularly hot right now.  Opt for cuffs in shiny metalics or bright, beach-inspired hues.
  • Big rings speak volumes: This summer, show off your bare arms by accenting your hands with large, ornate rings.  Colorful semi-precious stones and crystals are both popular choices.
  • Pick solids over prints: In order to avoid an overload of accessories, try to stick to solid, bold colors as opposed to contrasting prints.  It's much easier to mix and match colors than it is to coordinate different patterns.

 "Women often fear wearing too much jewelry, but when done correctly, well-coordinated accessories can really make a style statement," said Riggs. "Especially in the summer season, bold colors and funky pieces can add major appeal, since there is less of a focus on fabric textures and pieces."

lia sophia Advisors offer a wide array of fashion jewelry through in-home demonstrations.  lia sophia is committed to connecting women to their dreams, from obtaining trendy jewelry to offering Advisors, Hostesses and customers an extensive line of high quality products and an unparalleled opportunity to own their own business.

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lia sophia is a unique direct selling opportunity offering fashion jewelry through personalized in-home demonstrations. The company‚Äôs goal is to improve the lifestyles of its Advisors, Hostesses and Customers with products and opportunities. lia sophia connects women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures. For further information, visit  or call 1-402-516-8983.