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Legal practitioners profit from the mini MBA

Press release April 19, 2013 Education

The traditional role of the legal practitioner is evolving significantly. Legal practitioners experience shortcomings in relation to management. This is, among other factors, due to a substantial generational shift in the legal industry, as more than half of the current practitioners are retiring in 10-15 years.

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The retirement prospect peaks in a time when many young legal practitioners don't apply for traditional lawyer positions in law firms. The management of law firms is handled trough teamwork, as no one possess the abilities, influence and energy to create a successful law firm without help from others. Modern management principles have an impact on the changed role of the law practitioner, and often, cross-functional assignments are solved by individuals without a legal educational background.

This development is also obvious at PROBANA Business School's mini MBA programme (see Partly, because a record number of lawyers have enrolled in the programme this year, and partly, because law firms have shown a greater respect towards the aspect of management by listening more to the employees, and see the world from the employees' perspective. Today, it is not enough to offer a high pay and challenging tasks, the lawyers also seek personal development.

The legal industry is renowned and notorious for working weeks of 80-100 hours as well as a lack of focus on human and management competences, but this is changing. For example, some law firms have hired a managing director, who does not have a law degree, as well as several large law firms have hired an HR manager.

At PROBANA Business School, we highly approve of this development within the law firms. Many law practitioners, both experienced and newly educated from small as well as large companies, use the mini MBA programme to obtain skills within management.

Furthermore, the teachers at the mini MBA experience a greater interest within product development and innovation from lawyers in the programme, which is an exciting development, but a different story. For further information: