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Large Upturn in Supplementary Training via E-learning

Press release August 26, 2013 Education

The financial crisis has entailed a significant increase in the demand for effective training programmes and additional education that will equip managers and employees with qualifications to cut down spendings, both in private and public companies. Particularly large companies and local authorities have really begun investing more in education at all levels, says Denmark's most popular provider of online education, Probana Business School. The Company has now lauched its most popular e-learning programme, the Mini MBA, globally.

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Business life has changed and developed extremely fast, and many universities have had a difficult time keeping up with this pace. In addition to this, business colleges have shown lack of initiative and have become less flexible in terms of adaptability to keep up with the new management and work processes, says owner and CEO of Probana, Peter Joenson.


Mature business people are not willing to sit in an uninspiring class room or auditorium at a business school on late nights, after a long day of work to acquire new knowledge. And who can blame them for requiring their surroundings to be at level with what they are used to from their daily professional lives? After all, you cannot expect an experienced business executive to sit in a small class room at 9 PM and learn about modern management. "This is completely at odds, but also unworthy for the business executives”, says Peter Joensen, and continues: "At the same time, many business schools lack the sparring options, inspiration and the dynamics that Danish business people are used to, when going to work!".

More than 1,500 business executives, middle-managers and human relations managers have already signed up for a training programme at Probana Business School this fall. This is a record-breaking number that significantly reveals the interest in educational training in the future. There is a clear tendency for both young and old business managers and HR managers to wish to refresh and update their knowledge. The demand for useful tools in connection with change management, mergers, context-specific management and recruitment are particularly in demand", says the education departments at Probana Business School. “We have long been aware of the increasing interest in our e-learning programmes, but the huge demand for our 3 months management programmes breaks all previous records. We are seeing a clear tendency for both top managers and line managers to seek more supplementary education and a competence lift.

 The Mini MBA programme is based on e-learning which allows you complete flexibility to study when it suits you, without putting your career or family life on hold. In other words, you can study anytime from anywhere in the world that has internet access.   

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