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J. N. KREILLER and the Perfion PIM system

Press release July 6, 2016

The German trading company J. N. KREILLER KG has existed since 1866. After careful consideration, the company is now shifting to the Product Information Management system Perfion.

KREILLER is, with approximately 300 employees, one of the most important companies in Southeast Bavaria, Germany, and has a high reputation in the main areas of the construction and related trades industry. The company management focuses specifically on the excellent reputation in the areas of Quality and Support.

The Perfion PIM system has proven to be the perfect solution for KREILLER thanks to its rapid implementation and its user productivity. The flexible system cooperates perfectly with KREILLER’s new print catalog creation system and has been well received by the employees, as the ease of use creates optimal conditions for maintaining products.


The possibility of exporting product information in a flexible way plus the automatic updating of products play a vital role in the Perfion PIM system, as an internal product image database is created as well. For the creation of 11 product catalogs the use of the PIM system is crucial because it ensures that all product data and pictures in the catalogs are automatically and consistently updated. Consequently, customers always have the necessary information available.


Head of IT and authorized officer, Mr. Johann Mooslechner, explains about KREILLER’S most important reasons for choosing the Perfion PIM solution:

"What we particularly like is that Perfion is a 100% standard solution and that it can be implemented very fast and easily. It is also of utmost importance that we can work with it on our own. With Perfion we will see real results quickly and independently and still retain full control without needing endless and expensive consulting services. Another advantage is its tight integration with our ERP application, Dynamics NAV."



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