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IT Works Travel Award

Press release August 3, 2009 IT

Cutbacks are everywhere-- but here's a company that's giving back

While other companies are cutting back, IT Works finds a way to show benevolence.  Many times travel expenses are one of the first things on the chopping block when organizations are making reductions.  Recognizing that NCURA contributes to the advancement of research administration, IT Works is providing a Travel Award for an individual who would otherwise have difficulty attending the NCURA annual meeting in Washington, D.C. 

The IT Works Travel Award covers up to $1500 of travel expenses associated with the conference including transportation, hotel, meals, and parking. Applicants must provide a brief statement describing what they hope to gain by attending the annual meeting. The deadline for application packets is September 20, 2009.  Applications may be found on the IT Works website via this link:

IT Works purposes to develop and help implement technological solutions to problems hindering the advancement and welfare of humanity. They achieve this purpose of advancing scientific research with their grant management software solutions. IT Works invests profits to increase the value of their software and to help the less fortunate.