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Intellect Technologies launches Intell eISF (10+2) Solution

Press release December 23, 2009 IT

Intellect Technologies released it’s newly updated ISF "10+2" web based solution as the US Customs enforcement deadline approaches

Intellect Technologies released it’s newly updated ISF ‘10+2’ web based solution as the Customs enforcement deadline approaches.

“With the enforcement stage of CBP’s ISF ‘10+2’ rapidly approaching, it is imperative that logistics companies ensure they have an effective reliable solution to avoid the possible $5000 per incident fines” said Sri Himakuntala, President & CEO of Intellect Technologies.  “As the deadline approaches, companies are finding that certain ISF providers don’t have a robust solution, and many are turning to Intellect to provide the enterprise security, performance and reliability this legislation requires.” 

Intellect Technologies, a leading developer of innovative solutions for the transportation and supply chain management market has released the latest version of its ISF compliance suite.  The ISF “10+2” module is a part of Intellect’s Intell eCustoms Suite of programs which also includes AES and AMS functionality. As a certified U.S. Customs ISF Service Provider, Intellect’s Intell eCustoms Suite is available either as a SaaS (software as a service) or the traditional licensing model. Either model delivers leading functionality and performance to customs brokers, importers, freight forwarders and ocean carriers, enabling them to comply with regulations whilst enhancing their customer service with minimal additional cost.  

Intellect’s cost-effective solution provides features that will be productive and ease the implementation.  Those features include: 

  • Role-based Association - Intell eISF has unique association based functionality which allows parties to be linked.  The links are set up once and this allows the user to default the linked address with a click.  It is also possible to duplicate addresses, where the same company location is performing more than one role in the filing. This considerably reduces the input required.
  • Integration Ease – Integration of the Intell eISF application into your existing application uses a variety of techniques including XML, EDI and database connectivity.  This will allow your users to quickly become familiar with the functionality provided, and speed the implementation.

Intellect’s Intell eISF Management System is offered with a flexible pricing methodology that will be tailored to the customer’s needs to ensure a cost effective solution to meet the requirements of the CBP 10+2 filing.   

To request more information on Intellect’s eISF Management System please visit the website  or contact us by the below email or phone. 

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Telephone:   +1 201-864-9990 Ext 213
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