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InteliTap Takes Draft Beer Profit Boosting Program to the next level -Hires Industry Expert to Drive Momentum

Press release July 29, 2009 IT

Following its continuing demand expansion, the draft beer quality monitoring leader invests heavily in its TRUST people and profit development program.

Richmond, VA., 29 July, 2009 – InteliTap, the leading draft beer solutions & asset tracking provider, today announced an expansion of the training element of the leading beer monitoring solution – TRUST.  This expansion includes heavy investment in the structure and level of training tied to the TRUST program as well as the appointment of Restaurant training veteran and Executive Daniel Johnson as Director of Training and Development.  Johnson joins InteliTap after a successful 12 years conducting training in best practices for many Franchises at casual dining leader Applebee’s.

David Adams, InteliTap’s CEO said “I am delighted to have Dan join the InteliTap team.  Our company is in a high growth stage and we are always looking at building the team up with industry experts that understand the impact of draft beer quality and control on sales revenues and  bottom line.  Dan will be leading our TRUST training program.  He is the perfect choice - he has actually been there, observing, managing and implementing strategies on and off the floor.  In addition to that, Dan is unique in that he was an actual user of our system.  He used our system for about a year and drove his sales and his bonus to new highs.  He will be building the things he did in his store into the TRUST program.  These things yielded a double digit growth in his stores revenue.  He was so successful in using and training his team on TRUST that he was a natural to join our team in that role”.

InteliTap are draught beer experts. They help companies improve sales, control costs , increase branding awareness & draft quality perception, while ensuring that every single customer receives a clean, cold, fresh draft beer.  The client is accurately alerted to various critical issues such as a change in beer/cooler/equipment temperature, or when line cleaning is required.   The solution provides specific dispense information in real time – for example happy hour, or even after hours pouring. The user-friendly real time management reporting tool means that customers can manage daily operations and quickly identify and solve any issues, reducing downtime and costs.  Data can also be integrated in to third party software such as customer host systems.

Jon Quinn, InteliTap’s Chief Commercial Officer said “This heavy investment has come at a perfect time for us.  The demand for our solution has increased beyond our expectations, and an increased percentage of the restaurant market is now banging to the sound of our drum when it comes to boosting sales, profit and customer loyalty. We’re continuously hearing about cut-price strategies coming back to bite lots of restaurant chains, and our philosophy has always been quality AND profit in the same breath. Our solution doesn’t increase the price of a beer. What it does do, is enable a server to not only dispense a beer at optimum quality, but also to know how to properly offer that beer to the customer in the first place, and reassure them that it is fresh tasting & clean - the best quality money can buy. The TRUST programme has always included important business process advice and dynamic staff training and support.  This has allowed our client base – examples being Applebee’s, TGI Fridays and individual bars, to go to the next level in terms of customer service, driving product AND people based loyalty benefits that have a direct impact on turnover. A large part of our TRUST programme is customer loyalty based. We know it works!. We also know that customers are strapped for cash, no one is disagreeing with that, but we strongly believe that discounting isn’t the answer. Let’s face it, if you are going to have a beer, you may as well make it the best in town!”

Dan Johnson, InteliTap’s Director of Training and Development said ”I was sad to leave Applebees, but at the same time happy to leave behind competent staff and strong managers capable of improving what was a very successful and highly visible restaurant. I left to join the team at InteliTap because I believe in the system, I have seen it work. The "Trust" system had benefited and aided my servers in the successful selling of more beer, at a better quality. In addition to this, the Intelitap team had followed through on every suggestion and request I ever made. I have experienced other solutions too throughout the years, although to be honest to me it seemed that no-one except InteliTap had any desire to help me sell more beer – all I seemed to get from the others was a monthly bill.

My role at InteliTap is very exciting.   I feel strongly that I can help add value to a concept that I have used and seen work.  I know we my role is critical helping owners   improve top and bottom line, helping servers and bartenders make more tips and managers make their bonus.  Our top line growth strategy is what sets us apart from our competitors.  I am also, from my experience of using different systems, certain that the InteliTap technology is more accurate.  I am sure that our support team and continuous "Trust" training is far superior when you compare it to what our competitors offer you after they have a signed contract. We’re about people, quality & profit, with some clever technology working in the background”.

For all press related enquiries please contact Dave Adams, [email protected]  804 598 1880

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