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Improving Your Personal Computing Experience With Free Windows 7 Utilities

Press release July 15, 2010 IT

With more and more people round the world getting personal computers, many software developers are taking advantage of the rise in interest in software utilities to raise prices and make more profits.

With more and more people round the world getting personal computers, many software developers are taking advantage of the rise in interest in software utilities to raise prices and make more profits. After all, many people consider the added productivity that good utilities can provide a useful investment that is worth paying for.

The truth of the matter, however, is that there really is no need to pay for that added productivity. Free Windows 7 utilities are quickly gaining in popularity as more and more people discover that there really is a way to get the same gains in productivity and usefulness without having to spend more money. This really is great for anyone looking to improve their personal computer systems, because a computer is only as good as the tools that you have available on it.

One good example of this is photo-editing software. Most people have heard of Photoshop, which is extremely powerful photo-editing software for professionals. Photoshop allows users to make an incredible amount of changes to their photos, performing such basic tasks as removing a slight mark from someone face to much more complex tasks such as changing a person's figure entirely - Photoshop is up to the task. While this may sound impressive and may make consumers believe that Photoshop is worth its hefty price, the truth is that there are free Windows 7 utilities that are just as powerful and can perform those exact same tasks. You can easily download free utilities such as GIMP, which is free photo-editing software that basically functions exactly as Photoshop does, allowing users to change and edit their photographs to their hearts content.

Professional Software At No Cost

Another great application that any individual is sure to find useful is the 7 Zip File Archiver. Most people should be familiar with the WinZip program, which allows users to combine many files into single compressed file that is easy to manage and share. The problem with WinZip is that, like so many other pieces of software that come pre-loaded on your computer, you need to pay in order to unlock the software's full suite of features. If you want to be able to compress files to a greater extent or specify just how compressed the file should be, then you first need to pay the software developers a fee. The 7 Zip File Archiver is one of those free Windows 7 utilities that can take the place of paid software - in this case WinZip - at absolutely no cost. You simply need to find a website where you can download free utilities and which offers the 7 Zip File Archiver for download.

You might also have previously found yourself in the situation where you need to burn files to a disc but you could only do so a certain number of times with your included software before being to pay before you could continue using the software. This can be extremely annoying, especially if you urgently need to burn something to a disc but cannot do so simply because the software developer is greedy for greater profits. Now, you can simply download free utilities that will allow you to burn files to a disc at absolutely no cost. ImgBurn, for example, is another of those great free Windows 7 utilities that is available for free download and which performs just as well as a piece of paid software.

So why pay through your nose for software utilities when you can simply download free utilities from websites that specialize in free Windows 7 utilities and other software. When you download free utilities, you are downloading software that is just as professional and with just as many features as paid software, without having to pay anything at all. Now that truly is value for money - or, more accurately perhaps, value for no money.

 The Download Windows 7 website is the perfect place for you to download free utilities from. There you will find a wide range of free Windows 7 utilities , all of which are specifically designed to improve your personal computing experience.