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ILL T Shirts- The Ultimate in Casual Style and Comfort

Press release January 24, 2012 Fashion

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Sometimes it is difficult to figure out where to best spend your money.  If you need clothing, there are so many options that it can be quite overwhelming.  If you are buying a gift, the options are even more and so is the stress.  ILL t shirts reduce the stress on the shopper and the pocket book by being the perfect choice for most any occasion.   ILL t shirts work even for those situations where they would maybe not be considered traditional, and sometimes they work there the best.

Consider the new mom who still cannot fit into any of her clothes.  She needs something casual and comfortable enough to wear around the house, and something that is stylish enough to wear out if she needs to go somewhere.  The right garment will reduce time spent changing, as new moms have very little extra time and energy.  ILL t shirts fit the bill perfectly.  They offer enough style to make her feel more like herself again, and plenty of comfort so that her fresh from baby figure is not what is on her mind.  ILL t shirts are life savers for new moms.

The idea that ILL t shirts are only for the most casual of events is simply not true.  Consider the different ways ILL t shirts can be worn to dress them up or down.  Of course they will never work for a cocktail party, but on days you are hanging out in your house wearing ILL t shirts, there is no need to change when a friend calls you for a lunch date.   Females can simply tuck ILL t shirts into a great pair of jeans, add an awesome pair of earrings and a cute necklace, and head out the door.  If it is cool out, just throw a long-sleeved tee or turtle neck under it and you are done.  They really are quite versatile.

Males hanging out around the house in ILL t shirtsand shorts can simply grab a pair of jeans or slacks, tuck in any whichever of the ILL t shirts they are wearing, and add a belt.  A splash of sexy aftershave is a nice touch too.  ILL t shirts really are quite versatile.  Keep a few ILL t shirts in your own closet for those days when you really do not know what to expect, and keep a few in various sizes for gifts.