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Press release August 15, 2012 Tourism has announced room availability in all worldwide destinations for travelers planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012/2013. For instant online confirmed hotel bookings that do not include hidden charges or fees makes planning a New Year’s Eve holiday easier than ever.

New year

iBooknow.comhas room availability in every corner of the world for New Year’s Eve 2012/2013. Millions of travelers will be circling the globe in search of the ultimate party, the biggest festival, or the most romantic setting to celebrate and ring in New Year 2013. knows from experience that this time of the year can be a difficult one to find just the right accommodation in a destination of choice. In conjunction with the yearly Christmas Holiday Celebrations New Year’s Eve is historically the busiest time of the year around the world, and in many places it is the kick off for the yearly tourism and travel high season. Booking in advance is essential.’s Suggested Places for Ringing in the New Year 2012/2013

North America

New York

In the United States, New Year's Eve is celebrated with both formal parties and family-oriented activities. Since 1907, the "ball drop" in New York City has been a major aspect of the New Year's Eve celebration, and it is been seen by nearly a million people every year. The famous ball, which is now an apple, begins to fall at 11:59 pm, and sets off fireworks at the stroke of midnight when it reaches the bottom. In conjunction with the now famous countdown into the New Year the crowd counts the final 10 seconds of the year, a practice that is now incorporated into New Year’s celebrations around the world.


Like most cities around the world New Year’s Eve in Miami is one of the city's hottest nights for celebration. Although Miami’s club scene is jumping all year round, nothing compares to New Year’s Eve in Miami. Thousands of visitors take advantage of the pleasant weather, lovely beaches and incredible places to ring in the New Year. Everything from upscale New Year’s Events to more causal affairs, the Miami club scene offers every type of celebration.

Being a destination of choice travelers are reminded to book ahead, make dinner and party reservations in advance, and be sure they understand any dress codes that may be enforced that evening. knows that Miami is definitely one of the hottest cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve for all party enthusiasts so logon now to secure your instantly confirmed hotel reservation for one of the year’s busiest nights.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is ground zero to some of the leading New Year’s Eve celebrations in America. Celebrate in true Hollywood style at one of the posh Sunset Strip nightclubs, or on Hollywood Drive, as well as venues throughout the City the Angels. Being a top destination for this gala evening encourages travelers to research all the evening’s details on cover charges, prices, dress codes, music and where to order tickets for evening’s events, starting with accommodations on their website that offers instantly confirmed bookings without hidden fees.

United Kingdom


Celebrate New Year's Eve in London as the party that was started for the Olympics has yet to truly wind down and the city will be once again alive with parties and celebrations. Typically New Year’s Eve is one of London's biggest party nights, but this year should top them all.

Celebrations, fireworks and parties are the usual norm and the Thames has become the perfect place to ring in the New Year while observing the celebration and the fireworks that will be on display there.

Prepare to be dazzled by spectacular fireworks along the river Thames, or one of the other London fireworks displays on New Year's Eve.


Edinburgh's Hogmanay for New Year’s Eve Celebrations has also become a UK tradition. Recognized around the world as the home of Hogmanay, Edinburgh has become host to one of the world's principal New Year celebrations. In fact the locals take off on holiday for two days and not just the one.

Those wishing to attend this event need to book well in advance and tickets should also be reserved for the street party they hold. So many folks attend that if you do not have a ticket, you will be sitting on the sidelines.



Similar to New York, Paris is a destination of choice the year round, but the holiday season, and especially New Year’s eve; Paris is more alive and vibrant than any other evening.

Street parties on the Champs-Elysees with a renowned midnight fireworks display around the Eiffel Tower, and the Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza in Montmarte, are top places to go if large crowds and spectacular fireworks display are what a reveler seeks. But being known for its fantastic cuisine and world-class wines Paris is also a place for a romantic and subdued New Year’s Eve just for two ending by dancing the night away in a Parisian night club.


The Party between Brandenburger Tor and Siegessäule, along one of the world’s most stunning and famed streets the Straße des 17, each year sees over a million partiers in attendance. This event is so popular that over 500 international journalists, and 350 television stations cover the event which encompasses over two square kilometers space with live show, huge video screens, massive tents for partying, food and beverage concessions, spectacular light and laser shows, all culminating in the mid-night fireworks extravaganza that everyone loves.

Needless to say hotel bookings and party reservations are in order for such a night in a Berlin.


One of the oldest cities in the world with centuries of history and tradition, Rome is a fantastic place to celebrate. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel, a romantic villa, or even in a castle, Rome is a marvelous city. Ring in the New Year during the three days of celebration. Whether it’s a traditional night of dinning and drinking at one of Rome’ famous restaurants or dancing the night away in a Roman disco, can secure anyone accommodations instantly and worry free.

Czech Republic

All over the Czech Republic, but most especially in Prague, the locals celebrate the New Year with as much enthusiasm as anywhere else. Private parties, pubs, clubs, the streets, and squares are home to endless hours of eating, drinking, dancing and of course fireworks. In Prague the fireworks start mid-day and by mid-night the sky is illuminated while folks toast each other with champagne and wishes for a successful and happy New Year.


Budapest holds its New Year's Eve Party on the Danube every year, it could be a cruise along the river, or partying along its banks Budapest makes for a most enjoyable time. With a fantastic fireworks and laser display that is coordinated with a crescendo of music the Danube and its entire historic splendor are the perfect setting for this special night.


The iconic Red Square is the place to be in Moscow on New Year’s Eve. Join the locals for a festival of Year's Eve celebrations for residents of Moscow and across Russia, with a massive and spectacular fireworks display taking place at midnight.

The surrounding the Square are magnificent, Lenin's Mausoleum, the elaborate brightly-domed Saint Basil's Cathedral, and the palaces and cathedrals of the Kremlin afford not only a historical backdrop to the evening’s events, but they set a mood unlike any other city of the world. 


Nochevieja or Fin de Año, the Spanish New Year's Eve celebration usually begin with a family dinner, and Spanish tradition uniquely dictates the wearing of new, red underwear which brings good luck for the up-coming year. Similar to New York City, Madrid also has a mid-night countdown. There’s is from the clock on top of the Casa de Correos building in Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid. If your choice for New Year’s Eve is Madrid, tradition also dictates that along with wearing your red underwear, you must eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock as they have done since this all started in 1909. Spaniards like to stay up late so be prepared to party all night long and into the next day when everyone gathers for a breakfast of hot chocolate and pastries..

In Marabella, along the Costa del Sol, there is also a nightlong festival of eating, drinking and dancing culminating in midnight fireworks. So if it’s the beach you prefer can get you a room by the sea.


Hong Kong

The Chinese have their own New Year but they also enjoy celebrating the traditional Gregorian based one as well and Hong Kong is the place to be. Similar to booking a room in advance advises travelers to also book dinner a well if there is a special restaurant or club that you prefer.

The venues around the Times Square shopping mall in Hong Kong have become quite popular in recent years because as the name implies, they also ring in the New Year with a ball drop at midnight. For those who are thrill seekers and enjoy something out of the ordinary the Ngong Ping 360 cable car affords a view of the fireworks as they explode over Hong Kong Harbor. But if you are the kind of party who likes to keep your feet firmly on the ground then some of the best vantage points to view the evenings spectacles are along the waterfront in Wanchai, or Tsim Sha Tsui harbor front, or from Central District, Causeway Bay, Victoria Harbour, the Hong Kong Culture Center, at Tamar Site, or Ocean Terminal.

The Countdown Carnival, which is the center of the evening’s activities, is where everyone gathers to enjoy the night’s entertaining programs; theatre, music, dances, acrobatics, and magic abound.


If celebrating in Asian style is your thing also recommends considering Singapore. Join a quarter of a million partiers along the Marina Bay area starting from the Marina Bay floating Stadium to the Esplanade promenade, the Esplanade Bridge, Benjamin Sheares Bridge, Merlion Park, and the Padang at City Hall facing the Marina Bay. Viewing the celebrations form a strategically located hotel is also possible in Singapore. From the comfort of a room at hotels such as The Fullerton Hotel, Marina Madarin, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, or the newly opened Marina Bay Sands you can witness 20,000 inflatable "wishing spheres" carrying 500,000 wishes written by Singaporeans as they form a visual arts display filled with brilliant colors beamed from the spotlights erected along the Esplanade promenade open area.

Similar to most great cities Singaporeans and international travelers are also entertained by a multitude of shows and concerts. At ten seconds before midnight, the countdown begins and at midnight fireworks are set off from the waters at Marina Bay lighting up the sky against the backdrop of the Singapore skyline.


Just like the Chinese, and other nationalities, the Thai people have their own unique New Year’s eve that is not on December 31st, but this does not stop them from celebrating on this glorious night. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and all the other cities have festivities with notable countdowns in Bangkok at along the Beach Road in Pattaya. But, if you are into all-night partying and dancing, there isn’t anywhere on this planet better suited to greeting the New Year than the island of Koh Phangan. This little island in the Andaman Sea is world renowned for its full moon parties and festive year-round atmosphere, but what happens at Haad Rin on New Year’s Eve is epic with over 50,000 attendees rocking the night away. There’s no need to wear formal attire on Koh Phangan, a bathing suit and sandals are all that you will need.

This is a very small island and rooms and transportation at this busiest time of the year are scarce, so contact and plan ahead.

Mexico and South America


Mexico celebrates, like so many other countries, follows the Georgian calendar so December 31st is also an evening of festival, celebrations and joining together with family and friends, but unlike most places, they prefer to start late, in this way they can be awake to witness first-hand the arrival of the ‘once in a year’ moment of New Year.

Traditionally Mexicans spend as much time as possible with family over dinner, but they then move on and participate in all the community celebrations and toast in the up-coming year. You don’t have to have family in Mexico to celebrate, but you will need a room, so is offering deeply discounted rooms for this special evening. All instantly confirmed and without any hidden charges or fees.


Mardi Gras may be special to Rio, and those celebrations are historic, but Véspera de Ano Novo - New Year’s Eve is also a great time to be in Rio, and it is the only celebration that attracts more revelers than Carnival. With over two million people travelling to Rio for the year-end events and parties that are held on the world-famous Copacabana beach, booking ahead only makes sense.

Be sure to pack your best white party attire because Brazilians believe that wearing white will bring good luck and fortune during the coming New Year. You can add a splash of red if romance is what you wish for, yellow is supposed to bring success and wear a bit of green In Rio if good health is what you’re seeking.

The Copacabana will be alive with a variety of shows, concerts, dance performances, and of course fireworks and crackers. With so many people on their way to Brazil for the holiday season booking in advance is recommended.



Not to be left out during the New Year’s festivities, Australia, has much to offer. In Perth the place to be is Gloucester Park racecourse and the fireworks there is the largest and most recognized display in the city. In Brisbane 50,000 people gather at vantage points around the Brisbane River to watch a fireworks display which is preceded by an evening of fine food and drinking.

Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne are home to Australia’s grandest New Year events. In Sydney they actually celebrate twice on that night with an earl family fireworks display that starts at 9:00 pm and then a midnight show to ring in the New Year. Happening in the skies above Sydney Harbor the displays are synchronized to music and accompanying laser and light productions. The bridge is also a part of the show with the year’s events projected upon the structure itself.

Viewed by close to a million people every year, and being one of the world’s first celebrations because of the time zone it’s in, Sydney’s celebrations are watched on TV by an estimated billion people worldwide. By booking a room now, and planning ahead, there is no need to watch this spectacle on the TV, you can be there seeing it all first hand with some of the best partying folks you could find anywhere.


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