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Human Resource Management is the Key to Competent Employees

Press release August 23, 2013 Education

Many governments in developed countries aim to become a frontrunner on knowledge. Supporting this vision requires an equal balance between the supply of new graduates and the skills required in the business world. At the same time, it is part of the companies’ corporate social responsibility to develop their employees’ skills and provide them with the required knowledge, says a spokesperson from Probana.

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The development towards a society with a vast supply of newly educated young people entails major challenges for the companies, in terms of recruiting the right employees. In this context, the the young under 30 years are far from loyal to their workplace. They consider it as a personal growth center that must allow space for their personal development and education. If this requirement is not met, they will simply leave their job and find another place of work.  

Against this background, the challenge is not only to work strategically with recruiting the right employees - but equally to prioritise an enhancement of skills for each employee, with the purpose of reducing the staff turnover. This will further ensure that the company possesses the right knowledge, which is crucial for creating visible bottom line results, Probana writes.

Probana’s Mini MBA provides the company's Human Resources managers with the necessary knowledge, insight and overview to cope with these challenges. In addition to this, the programme introduces you to other highly relevant topics, like business phsychology, change management, and many more.

The programme is based on e-learning which allows you complete flexibility to study when it suits you, without putting your career or family life on hold. In other words, you can study anytime from anywhere in the world that has internet access.   

Read more about the Mini MBA on Probanas website,  

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