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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Fly Fishing Trip

Press release October 12, 2013 Business

Fly fishing trips are a great option for corporate and business team bonding events, Ken's Anglers answer the questions on how your business can benefit from a fly fishing trip.

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We have all attended a typical business team bonding event, usually it ends up with a few drinks at a bar, a meal or an activity such as paintball.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with any of these types of events it is worth considering how events that may be considered a little out of the norm could benefit your business. Ken's Anglers Fly Fishing trips offer that extra bit of value, attention and breathtaking scenery that typical business events cannot match.

Ken's Anglers organise lots of corporate fly fishing trips each year and have had fantastic feedback from their clients who have reported back to them about the benefits of the trip and the increased bond it created between the business and their employees or key clients.

Fly fishing in Colorado is a fantastic way to reward your team or to solidify a business deal with a client; taking in stunning lakeside and mountain views, enjoying mother nature as its best and the challenge of fishing with work friends and clients results in a lot of enjoyment throughout the course of the trip.

Your team and clients alike will see that you have gone the extra mile to create an extra element of trust, friendship and rapport by organising a fly fishing trip and the business will be rewarded in the short and long term as a result.

Ken's Anglers answer the question;

How can your business benefit from going on a guided fly fishing trip?

  • A fly fishing trip, either for a day or for a more extend period of time, is a great way to strengthen and promote long-lasting relationships between clients, colleagues and/or employees.
  • A day of fly fishing can provide relief from meetings in a beautiful, stress free setting.
  • Everyone can participate in fly fishing, no matter if they are novices or experienced anglers.
  • Often spending a day fly fishing with a client can help to close a deal.
  • Some people don't like to play golf (really, it's true).
  • We fish in gorgeous, wild country. When people are in inspiring surroundings, they begin to relax and think differently.
  • Many corporations have learned that a great way to build team spirit is to do something together, away from the workplace, which is completely "out of the box", so to speak.
  • Fly fishing is not competitive and it's fun! After a day on the river, issues that seemed massive tend to shrink in size and become more manageable.
  • In almost 100% of the cases, the cost of a corporate fly fishing trip can be totally written off as a business expense.

Ken's Anglers have years of experience in organising corporate fly fishing trips and you can be assured that you are in safe hands whatever your requirements may be.

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