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How to Find the Best Sydney Jet Charter Service

Press release July 27, 2010 Lifestyle

Today, a business jet charter service is not just a luxury. If you value your time and you are striving for greater efficiency and productivity, then a private jet service is essential.

Today, a business jet charter service is not just a luxury.  If you value your time and you are striving for greater efficiency and productivity, then a private jet service is essential.  The need for this kind of air transport service is particularly important for busy executives like you.  So if you have scheduled several business trips around Australia and you need a fast and convenient transport, you should get a reliable Sydney jet charter service.  Here are some tips which could help you find the best private aircraft services in Sydney.  

When searching for a business jet service, the number one factor to consider is safety.  Look for a Sydney jet charter company that has an excellent safety record.  You can easily find this information by verifying the record of the charter service with the local air transport authorities.  Private charters are strictly regulated.  They have to conform to the standards set by the local air regulatory services.  That is why it is easy to verify the safety record of a company.  Aside from this, make sure that business jets of the air charter service are well maintained and authorized to fly.  You may have to personally look at the quality of the jets provided by the private aircraft service. 

After verifying the reliability and safety record of the private jet service, the next thing you need to do is to get to know the pilot.  Make sure that the business jet charter service employs pilots with sufficient flying experience.  As a rule of thumb, a reliable pilot should have at least 5000 hours of total flight time and at least 300 hours of flight time in a specific aircraft.  The best Sydney jet charter service normally has highly experienced pilots.  For example, the Australian Air Services which is the leading provider of private jet charters in Sydney has a chief pilot with more than 30 years direct flight experience.  Before you sign a contract with a charter service, you should know the pilot and you have to make sure that he is competent to fly different types of aircrafts. 

Lastly, go for a Sydney jet charter service that has a large fleet.  This is important so you can wisely choose which type of aircraft would be suitable for your needs.  Look for an air charter service that can offer exclusive business jet, turbo prop aircraft, and light piston twins.  It would be easier for you to select a suitable aircraft if the charter service has a varied fleet.  In most cases, you can simply visit the website of the air charter company to see its fleet.  You will be able to see pictures of the actual aircrafts and the interior of each business jet.  But for your peace of mind, it is important to visit the hangar of the jet service to personally see the aircrafts.  Make an ocular visit before you sign the service contract.  This will ensure that your business trips will be enjoyable, productive, and comfortable. 

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