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How to Easily Build Your Collection of Thomas and Friends Toys

Press release July 6, 2010 Family

Children love the Thomas and Friends toys collections. The bold colors, funky accessories, and friendly faces of the engines can provide hours of fun for them.

Children love the Thomas and Friends toys collections.  The bold colors, funky accessories, and friendly faces of the engines can provide hours of fun for them.  Although Thomas sets are primarily designed for children, it does not mean that adults can not enjoy them.  If you are a collector of toys, then the Thomas and Friends train collections are perfect for you.  In fact, you and your children can enjoy a great time collecting and playing with the Thomas trains.  So here are some quick tips on how to build your exclusive collection of Thomas and Friends train engine toys.  

First, you need to learn all the available models of Thomas sets.  This means getting familiar with the characters of Thomas and Friends.  Your children can greatly help you in this matter.  Because Thomas and Friends is extremely popular among children, they have probably learned the names of all characters in the show.  Sit down with your children and tell them that you need help identifying each engine.  This is the fastest approach to know the right Thomas and Friends toys.  Once you get a good idea of who the characters are, you can now create a list of priority trains to buy.  You may also purchase special sets that include accessories, train tracks, pillars, tents, Ferris wheels, train stations, and other essential pieces. 

After creating your list of Thomas and Friends toys, you may now start your search for these items.  It is really not difficult to find Thomas sets.  These toys are very popular throughout the world and they are usually available in most toy stores.  But to make your search easier and faster, it is highly advisable to look for Thomas trains on the Internet.  One of the best sources of Thomas train sets is Mega Bloks.  This online shop is part of the Mega Brand outfit which is a leading provider of high end branded toys, puzzles, toy blocks, stationeries, and other kiddie products.  Check the site’s collection of Thomas and Friends trains to know if your preferred toys are available.  You can also subscribe to the site in order to get the latest updates about new trains, new sets, and the latest Thomas designs. 

Buying your Thomas sets from the Internet is also very convenient.  The best part is that your children can help you search for Thomas and Friends toys.  Gather your children in front of the computer and start browsing the excellent collections of Thomas trains from Mega Bloks.  If the train sets are still not available in your area, you should allow the provider to contact you via email so that you can purchase the toys when they become available.  Of course, you also need to prepare the display case of the Thomas trains.  While waiting for your orders or for the availability of the toys, you have to look for a large display case which you can use as storage.  You and your children will definitely enjoy collecting all Tomas and Friends toys. 

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