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How to adapt in a changing environment

Press release May 7, 2013 Public

Companies today operate in an ever more turbulent business environment. Lately, the world is experiencing a financial down turn, putting pressure on cash flows and thereby also in key SCM elements. This demands higher awareness and a faster pace on changing and optimizing supply chain performance. Recent research indicates that great leaders create a stronger business. That's why leaders of the future need to have an experimental mind-set, the stomach for conflict and uncertainty - they need to be flexible. Governments force new regulations on business, competitors change tactics, strikes etc. and at these times leaders need to change course.

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Every project will teach the leader and the organization about how the business world is today. Some decisions will work, others won't. Not everything goes as planned, but all projects will give an indication on how to compare with competitors, finding new ways to reach goals and most important how the businesses will survive.

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