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How biofeedback device can help us in treating patients?

Press release May 6, 2010 Health

Biofeedback, a medicinal procedure that started in the late 1960s is one of the best ways to combat certain health conditions through non invasive procedures.

Biofeedback, a medicinal procedure that started in the late 1960s is one of the best ways to combat certain health conditions through non invasive procedures. Doctors use biofeedback device to help patients understand the relation between mind and body and then use the mind to kill the health issues or reduce the symptoms. There are various methods of biofeedback treatment that can help patients get cured in a non invasive way.

A thermometer is probably the simplest biofeedback device available to us. When we have a running temperature, a thermometer indicates it. We then come to know that we have fever. We have an option of popping a few pills till the time the fever subsides. We also have the option of combining biofeedback with therapeutic procedures to achieve the same result with a reduction in the consumption of medicines. Similarly, there are other biofeedback devices like PETs, X-Rays, EEGs, EKGs and MRIs that are used to detect other health issues.

A biofeedback device tells us whether our body functions are working well or not. Some of the bodily functions that can be measured through various biofeedback devices include heart beat rate, muscle tension, the rate of blood circulation and blood pressure. Very often, we fail to relate our mental state of mind to the occurrence of various ailments. With a biofeedback device, we can differentiate between the positive and the negative states of mind and work towards rejecting the negative bit. We, as a result of identifying and possibly rejecting the negative aspects of our thought process, gain more positive energy that contributes to our well being.

Negative thought processes and enhanced levels of stress have long been identified as one of the major sources for all the ailments that we have. It is not only our physiological functions that cause health conditions. Our mental make up also contributes significantly. Throughout our life, our body goes through rounds of not being well and then an automatic healing process. It has been proved that when we keep our stress level in check and reduce negative thoughts, we manage our body well. A biofeedback device indicates the different stress levels and can also measure the levels of excitement, tension and calmness. After the identification is done, we can then use biofeedback to ensure that we use our mind to reduce the symptoms of the diseases.

IOM is one of the most advanced biofeedback devices. It completely explores the connection between the body and the mind and the reactions of the body as a result. It is a small piece of biofeedback device that can be attached to a computer and the patients can see the levels of positive and negative thought processes and the varying levels of stress that the body goes through. Once the difference is established, the patients can then go through biofeedback training and use their minds to heal their body.

Knowing about biofeedback and biofeedback device can help us in treatment through non invasive procedures. Biofeedback is an important part of modern medical science and it is helpful if we know about it. Using a biofeedback device tells us exactly what the body is going through and that helps the healing process.

 t is important to know about biofeedback because it is an integral part of modern medical science. Knowledge about biofeedback device and subsequent training helps us heal our body using our mind.