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HDTV market slated to grow riding on consumers’ demand for better viewership

Press release July 24, 2014 Hdtv market share, hdtv market size, hdtv industry

This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global HDTV market for the period 2014-2018.

With the proportion of global TV households watching HD programs increasing from 14% in 2012 to 42% at the end of 2017, the HDTV market is expected to see a boost as consumers seek televisions with better viewing capabilities. Furthermore, the market growth is fuelled by the decline in prices of HDTVs, which was accredited to the low-cost LCD panels, especially in the emerging economies. The price decline and easy availability of TVs with large screens with better resolutions has, moreover, encouraged the consumers to make new purchases and, thereby, fuel the growth of the market.

This report, Global HDTV Market 2014-2018, highlights the growth prospects and the present scenario of the market. Segmented into types, LCD, Plasma and OLED, the report also discusses the key vendors operating in this segment.

Major drivers of the market

The number of active HD viewership in households will increase to over 600 million globally by 2017 with Asia Pacific to emerge as the biggest HD market, closely followed by North America and Western Europe which is expected to fuel the HDTV market share as more consumers seek better picture quality when viewing their TV. Since by 2017, several countries would reach a point where only HD content will be viewed, the market expects a shift from standard definition TVs towards higher adoption of the HDTV. Furthermore, the LED screens will receive a boost from the newer, improved lower cost direct LED backlight models. On the other hand, the direct-lit LED models will attract the price conscious consumers in emerging economies with their lower retail prices. In comparison, ultra-premium OLED and Smart TVs will attract consumers in established markets for consumers looking forward to upgrade.

Major challenges to the sector

Revenue from 2012 in the LCD HD television segment -- the most common HDTV technology -- in the world was poor. This could be accredited to weak consumer demand and over saturation, whereas the primary reason that the key players of the market faced was the ultra low production costs in countries like China, which had further undercut the meager margins generated from the sale of LCD screens. Moreover, the rapidly falling prices on alternate technologies like OLEDs, LEDs and 3D TVs has also lead consumers away from LCD TV segment. However, increased consumer spending, offers on TVs, and holiday shopping are expected to generate higher margins on these new technologies.

Market overview

Various satellite fleet operators and teleport owners are sharing the view that HDTV with sharper picture quality and color resolution will see growth in the forecasted period unlike the niche 3D television that enjoyed limited market share for its high prices. Acting as a catalyst to the growth of HDTV market are the upcoming sports events like Cricket World Cup in 2015 and Olympics in 2016. However, to ensure this growth, satellite fleet operators think that an entire ecosystem needs to be in place which will make the programmers’ adoption of HD broadcasts more affordable and better and thereby drive the market growth.

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Hdtv market share, hdtv market size, hdtv industry