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Press release November 28, 2013 Business school Probana Education Mini MBA

Nearly 4000 leaders and HR managers from both the private and public sector have already chosen to sign up for a post graduate training programme. The provider of these programmes is the Danish founded PROBANA Business School, and this year alone, they have introduced more than 21 different management programmes.

Pressport PROBANA Mini MBA

The first to have been lauched in English is the very popular Mini MBA which is adapted to modern business life and its current need for competence development.

The programmes cover the major business-related subjects in modern management and Human Relations Management, particularly with a focus on change management, communication, coaching, business psychology, etc. Areas such as conflict management, context-sensitive management, effective communication, result-oriented management, value-oriented management, project management, internal marketing and psychology are also among the subjects that are presented in detail. Since the start-up in 2010, several hundred different companies have sent their employees on a Mini MBA programme. Companies from PET (the Danish Security and Intelligence Service) to the international pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk confirm that the Mini MBA offers rational and instantly useful knowledge.

The programmes are open and part-time, often requiring a maximum time usage of a few hours weekly, which means the participants can follow the course without taking time out from their ordinary jobs. The studying is fully flexible, as it can be done from your own home computer from anywhere in the world that has internet access. The e-learning platforms cover the theoretical and scientific approach and are inspired by the teaching forms on physical universities.

E-learning via the Internet provides a unique learning platform for business professionals with a busy schedule leaving no room for spending a whole day to attend a physical school. And the flexibility of the e-learning and the opportunity to discuss with your peers on internet forums has effectively gathered the entire elite of leaders and HR managers from both the private and the public sector. This is partly because of the strong increase in the need for new knowledge, and partly because the programme provides freedom to learn and to become inspired, when and where it fits into your calendar.

As a leader and HR manager, you are daily bombarded with many different kinds of information and requirements as to how a contemporary manager ideally should be. Yet one thing is broadly agreed upon: the leader's role and the conditions under which leaders and HR managers must operate have changed remarkably in the past few years. The structures and behaviors of today's society are constantly changing. This development is also significantly affecting the labor market and its players, and calls for an upgrading of skills such as flexibility and adaptability, both for the managers and the employees. And because of their generally higher qualifications, the latter have higher expectations to their managers than in the past. Thus, the contemporary leader in both the private and public sector is facing new and major challenges, compared to only a few years ago.  

On the basis of the requirements and conditions set out for contemporary employees, companies need to allow their employees to develop themselves. This development is necessary for companies to remain innovative and hereby competitive. However, for this development to occur, Danish leaders and other HR managers must keep up with the trends on the labour market. One way to do this is to upgrade their management skills to meet the requirements to the contemporary manager.

Among other things, PROBANA Business School's open courses focus on systemic process consultation. The programme is organised in such a way that the participants will be qualified to operate as both internal and external management consultants. This will enable the participants to become the much needed change facilitator to their own company, or others.

The programme is intended to provide the participants with a solid theoretical and practical introduction to and training in systemic thinking and method. This includes both consultation, supervision, mentoring, coaching, staff and organisational development.

You can read more about the Mini MBA and the advantages it will give you here:


Business school Probana Education Mini MBA