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Growing demand for electricity in developing nations is driving the air condenser market

Press release July 21, 2014

The report provides an in-depth insight of 2009-2014 global and China Air Cooled Condenser industry covering all important parameters.

The global air condenser market is expected to grow substantially in the following years, given the increased demand stemming from the majority of power plants adopting sustainable air cooling solutions to minimize the adverse environmental impacts. As a part of eco-friendly solutions employed by various plants, air condensers have an extensive market especially in power generating units. Eco-friendly solutions like these are being increasingly employed by various industries, to optimally utilize the limited water supply available for utilization in power plants these days. Additionally, government incentives are also encouraging plants to utilize greener solutions in order the conserve the restricted amounts of water resources, thus creating strong growth prospects for the air condenser industry.

This report: Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Air Cooled Condenser Industry, 2009-2019 focuses on the current global market scenario, key market drivers and dominant players in the industry, with a specific focus to the markets in China. It also provides a detailed insight into the key challenges which threaten the market and the prevalent trends driving the industry, thus outlining the scope of the market.

Key market drivers

The air condenser industry is strongly driven by the decision of the governments across developing countries to increase the number of power plants in order to meet the growing electricity demands in these regions. Consequently, several new power plants are being commissioned in these areas, creating a strong demand for air condensers. Given these prevalent market trends, industry experts speculate stellar growth of the segment, particularly in growing economies like China, stimulated by rapid economic development in the country. Besides China, the other key markets include India, Sri Lanka, North America and Europe.

Key market players

Among the various companies holding significant market share, Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited, GEI Industrial Systems Limited, SPIG, BHIare some of the leading market players, which have been contributing significantly to the growth of this segment. Strengthening the market further, in 2014, SPIG entered into a license agreement with BHI, a Korea-based supplier of power plant equipment. This agreement between BHI and SPIG undertaken to supplement BHI’s growing Balance of Plant activities is quickly gaining prominence in the market, thus poising both companies on the brink of considerable growth.

Key market challenges

Despite the growth of this segment, several challenges continue to thwart the market. One of the major issues faced by the industry is that of increasing costs in maintaining standard procedures. To cite an instance, the usage of air cooled condensers leaves behind a particular fluid alongwith water, which is extremely hazardous to the environment. This poisonous fluid has to undergo further processing prior to its disposal, which involves additional expenses, thereby increasing the costs.

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