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Press release August 26, 2009 Lifestyle

Motivation is well known as the hardest obstacle to stay fit or to get in shape. provides the solution for the eternal motivation problem and offers easy planning, social networking and peer reviews by friends, teammates and not least – yourself. is launched today and it’s a free service.

Achieving a healthy active lifestyle is becoming the main goal for an increasing number of persons. According to health authorities adults should be active no less than 210 minutes a week. But a busy lifestyle is not easily combined with sport and fitness.

Lack of motivation and absence of accessible shareware planning tools are well known as large obstacles to stay fit or to get in shape. But how can we boost our motivation? holds the answer and peers’ support and the setting of personal goals are key factors.

Sharing data motivates

“In the US it is called living by numbers, in sociology it is called observer’s effect and in science it is referred to as peer reviews. The simple answer to increasing motiviation lies in creating data about physical activity. Be it miles ran, hours played or repetions made it can all be transformed into data, that can be shared with peers, friends and teammates. Showing results and achievements to likeminded or people who care for you is a tremendously strong motivator. Add a number of planning tools and you have the strong cocktail we think is,” says Brian Sejersen Orland, co-founder of

During this summer some 450 testpilotes from Italy, Denmark, France and the UK have been testing and the response is very positive. Both from individuals, trainers and teams who have been using the planning tools. The testpilots noticed that they tended to run more, use the bike more often and also that planning their activities suddenly became a lot easier. helps single users, teams and their friends to plan, communicate and reach goals within sport and active living. In short, anyone can:

  • Plan their sport  and active lifestyle activities using a shared calendar function that works with all sports
  • Set their sportive or personal goalse.g. diets, calories or how many miles to run etc.
  • Strengthen their motivationby turning their activities into data and seing and sharing results
  • Keep in touch with teammates or trainers
  • Communicate and build their sports related network is launched today in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Danish

How does help motivation?

For instance, a businesswoman who likes to play volleyball but is short on time can:

  • organize trainings and tournaments and easily see who is participating in every training session or in a specific match
  • find teammates and communicate with them
  • find other teams to play against
  • plan her own workout and exercise
  • track her results or the results of the team
  • upload pictures and videos
  • at the same time organize her annual cycling event with her friends is the product of the joint venture between Essencius ApS and Eksponent ApS, two dynamic and successful Copenhagen-based firms working with PR and Communication and Software Development.  During the development of trainees from Italy, France, India and China have been involved.