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Global Peace Gateway with $100,000 Donation Offered to The United Nations

Press release August 31, 2009 Culture

Art, Science and All Faiths Historic Gate Sculpture Needs Permanent Home

Portland, Oregon - August 2009 - THE GLOBAL PEACE GATEWAY Sculpture is offered to The United Nations plus a $100,000 USD donation.  The artifact is hand-forged, precision-fitted, labor intensive, wrought iron and brass, approximately 3,000 pounds, spanning 24 ft., with a variable height of 6-8 ft.  The estimates to duplicate as originally forged vary around $200,000 USD before consideration of cultural or historic value.

Since the stated mission and vision of the United Nations includes an aim to facilitate cooperation in social progress, human rights, and the achieving of world peace, we present this cultural and historic work of art to help further resonate that attitude. Should the United Nations decline this offer, our plan B effort for placement would be on a traditional University campus.

This sculpture assembly was originally commissioned in 1922 in memory of the Quantum Physics picture phenomena of Guadalupe, Mexico in 1531 with its 2 as yet unanswered questions:  1. the source of the colors and 2. how those colors were applied.  The sculpture was de-commissioned in 1996 and given into secular hands in 1999.  (See documentation: Home and Articles pages.)  It is now presented as THE GLOBAL PEACE GATEWAY of Art, Science and All Faiths.

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The following is an excerpt taken from the "Recommended Resources" page our website:

What is the nature of being and reality within this essentially mental Universe of more than 100 billion galaxies, where there is no such thing as a solid "any-thing," where "every-thing" is subatomic empty space; and yet we are "in it" and we are "of it" and we are self-aware.  How then could the "primal cause" not be self aware?

The measuring intellect is, without question, a priceless tool, however, Love is…and has no equal for healing dis-ease when we are in need of refreshing from the “slings and arrows” of daily logistics.  Quantum Physics has proven an inter-connection of each human consciousness with all others.

We heard, “the cynic has a safe but lonely harbor.”
We heard, Socrates said, “death brings either dreamless sleep or we will be with our equals.”

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