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Get One Step Ahead With a Global Mini MBA Education

Press release October 30, 2013 Education

The world has changed. Keeping up with today's business world requires more knowledge, skills and talent than ever before. Adapting to the constantly changing global demands is fundamental, if you want your business to be successful and stay afloat in today's fierce competition.

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Does this dilemma sound familiar to you? You aspire to become a better leader, yet the thought of a long and time-consuming MBA to thousands of dollars is not quite compatible with balancing both work and family life. You cannot burden your company with your absence and such an enormous expense. And your family will not be too pleased either, if you cancel your skiing holiday to go to back to school and chase your own leader ambitions.

Based on these experiences, PROBANA Business School has developed a concept designed for ambitious leaders who want to pursue their career dreams or enhance their chances of a promotion.

PROBANA Business School is a Danish company seated in the heart of Copenhagen. Founded in 1992 by current owner Peter Joensen, PROBANA has 22 years of experience and is today Denmark's largest provider of private post-school education. In the course of these years, more than 35,000 people have completed one of our educations.

Our current clients are very enthusiastic about our programme and the flexibility it provides.  Therefore, we have decided to launch it globally in English.

The curriculum is composed by internationally recognised professors from European top of the line universities and is based on the newest global knowledge within the field of business and management. 

The Mini MBA is accessible via e-learning, and you will gain access to both fellow students, tutors, chat communities, dictionaries and curriculum, once you have signed up.

The key behind the success of PROBANA's Mini MBA is the complete flexibility and freedom that it allows our clients. The online Mini MBA is the fastest way for executives and top leaders to obtain a high level of knowledge within management, strategy, communication, HR and psychology online, without putting your career on hold. It may also be a perfect first step towards taking a full MBA.  

If you wish to learn more about our Mini MBA, please contact HR consultant Morten L√łgstrup at phone: +45 45 76 58 58 or email: [email protected] for a non-committal conversation about price and the advantages of taking the Mini MBA.

Or log on to our website at for further information.