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Get a Professional Contractor when Installing Handicap Bathroom in Your Home

Press release July 7, 2010 Construction

It is not difficult nowadays to find a professional bathroom remodeling contractor that can install the necessary requirements for a handicap bathroom.

It is not difficult nowadays to find a professional bathroom remodeling contractor that can install the necessary requirements for a handicap bathroom.  This type of bathroom is specifically designed for physically challenged individuals, the elderly, and those with serious medical conditions that hamper their mobility.  If you are going to remodel your bathrooms, make sure that the contractor knows the specifications for an ADA compliant bathroom.  You can ensure the safety of your bathrooms if they comply with the requirements of ADA.  Most important of all, your loved ones will be safe and well taken care of.  

A reliable bathroom remodeling contractor can be trusted to apply features and fixtures necessary for an ADA compliant bathroom.  However, you still need to know the requirements for a handicap bathroom so that you can properly supervise the progress of the job.  The most important requirement concerns the size of the entrance of a bathroom.  As a general rule, the doorway of handicap bathroom should be wide enough to allow wheelchairs and walkers easy access.  More specifically, the door of the bathroom should be at least 32 inches wide with swing out doors.  The wide entrance provides easy access while the swing out door ensures that the entrance will not be blocked in case a physically challenged user falls off the chair. 

Aside from wide doorways, handicap bathroom should have strong grab bars beside the sink, tub, and toilet.  The grab bars are required to help the elderly and physically challenged maintain proper balance while in the bathroom.  Make sure that the bathroom remodeling contractor can offer intuitive designs for grab bars installations. It would be best also if the contractor can offer grab bars that are certified safe for the handicapped.  If you can find grab bars with waterproof padding, then these could be the best fixtures for your handicap bathroom. 

Other requirements for ADA compliant bathrooms should be carefully discussed with your bathroom remodeling contractor.  For example, the contractor should give you a wide variety of options when it comes to bathroom flooring.  Existing regulations state that the bathroom floors should be made from slip-proof materials.  Rubberized, vinyl, or non-slip tiles should be used for the flooring.  You need to verify with the manufacturer if the flooring is suitable for a handicap bathroom.  The contractor must also build low-level fixtures and bathroom appliances.  The tub should be easily accessible for wheelchair bound persons.  The cabinets, drawers, and other storage features should be easily accessible. 

Installing an ADA compliant bathroom is necessary for the safety of the elderly and the handicapped.  For new homes, the requirements of ADA should be met.  That is why you need a contractor who understands the requirements of the law.  It is quite expensive to remodel a bathroom to make it friendlier to physically challenged individuals. There is no need to worry though because such remodeling and home improvement can increase the value of your house.  You can have peace of mind if your home has excellent ADA compliant bathrooms. 

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