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Press release October 12, 2009 Music

Rising Star Artists features new music by recording artists with sizzle, sex appeal and star potential. Music fans get to find new music before it's released or has hit the airwaves. Looking to expand beyond the top 40? Here's your chance.

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Rising Star Artists is proud to present the Artists of The Week on the Free Friday Download charts.  Free Friday Download music has something for everyone.  Each week, Rising Star Artists features just one genre.  The member musicians belonging to Rising Star Artists are strong singers, songwriters, producers, musicians and more.   

The best thing about Rising Star Artists and Free Friday Downloads is in the originality of the music.  Most Top 40 hits have a similar vibe and a formulaic quality.  There is still 'real' music out there, but hitting the major airwaves is a really tough challenge.  Through Rising Star Artists, both musicians and fans have access to sharing music and feedback. 

Listen to the podcasts where you'll not only get a preview of the music, but some artists are featured on interviews as well.  Take a listen and be the music curator in your social group,  Be the go-to expert for fresh, real, good music anyone would want to add to their music collection. 

This week features five Hip Hop Artists: 

Corey Lester-El Richmond, VA (16 year old writer/producer with a bright future ahead of him) 

E. Re-ill Carlsbad, CA (strong West Coast producer matches raw emotion in his work) 

Minister Kaine Flint, MI (left profanity behind in favor of positive smart and relevant rhymes) 

Preacha Chicago, Ill (West Side of Chicago's pride.  Innovative, creative and poetic) 

Prose Penetration Compound Grand Rapids, MI (cool electronic bottom with fleshy rhymes make this duo very original) 

Each artist works hard to bring fans the best music possible.  Rising Star Artists ( is a bridge that connects fans to musicians.  The kind of connection you don't get from Major Labels.  That's what makes supporting these artists so important.  We all have a role to play in the direction of the music industry. 

Don't wait too long before downloading your favorite tracks.  The free downloads go to the first 100 fans.  Here's the link so you can get started ( ...).  Participate in the fun with a comment or feedback.  Your artists love hearing from you.