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Follow the Tour de France live, minute by minute on your iPhone

Press release June 30, 2010 Sport

Are you ready for the toughest and most prestigious cycle race? Who will win the daily stage, will Alberto Contador manage the mountains and will Lance Armstrong make it all the way to Paris?

TOUR 2010 320x460

With the new application, TOUR 2010, you get all the information you need to keep you up-to-date. Read all about the teams, the riders, see the overall position, the team positions and much more.

Follow the closing stages minute by minute

From the moment the day’s stage starts right up to there are only two hours remaining, you will be updated every 15 minutes. Thereafter you will be updated every 5 minutes for the next hour. In the last hour of the stage you will be updated every 3 minutes until there are approximately 15 minutes left, and during these 15 final exciting minutes you will be updated minute by minute until the riders pass the finishing line.

Get an overview of all the stages

On TOUR 2010 you get an overview of all 20 stages and the prologue. You can see the rigours the riders have to face before they reach the finishing line, see where the sprint finishes are, the climbs the riders face in each category and the distances they have to cycle.  

The application shows:

Position in the overall classification

Who has the Yellow Leader’s Jersey

Who has the Green Points Jersey

Who has the Polka Dot King of the Mountains Jersey

Who has the White Young Riders Jersey

Position in the team competition

The day's stage winner

Previous stage winners 2010

Information and description of the prologue and the 20 stages

Information on the individual teams and riders