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Flaunt your Geography Knowledge

Press release February 28, 2013 IT

The new App, City Distance, allows you to challenge yourself or your friends to guess distances between the world’s cities. The App detects the city you are located in and challenges you to estimate the distance from that point to a random city on the globe. If you play against others, you will be challenged on the distance between random cities e.g. the distance from New York to Timbuktu. The game is turn-based, ensuring the freedom to play over a longer period and when time is at hand.

City Distance 1

"Our aim was to create a game which firstly builds competences within the field of geography and secondly is fun and challenging," says Goran Ramadan, the initiator of the App. "We see that people do like to compete on knowledge, and honestly, is anything more satisfying than to beat your friends? Also we give the opportunity to just compete against a random player, or against one self, if the main focus is to get better at geography", ends Goran. 

About City Distance 

The City Distance App is designed with true Indiana Jones look and feel and can be downloaded to your iPhone for free. The App will automatically detect your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or pair you up with a random player. Results can be shared through the App to Twitter or Facebook.

Download the app here: City Distance