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FDI and GiConnect Partnership to Provide Unprecedented Global Opportunity with FDI International

Press release September 1, 2009 PR

With the partnership of FDI and GiConnect a new global opportunity in global telecom services has emerged, allowing FDI International to provide a multi-faceted service that encompasses all 7 categories of Telecom.

On July 4th Financial Destination announced on "the conference call that was heard around the world" that they would be expanding into the 4 trillion dollar worldwide telecommunication industry through a 50/50 partnership with GIConnect, a 16 year old Billion dollar international telecommunication Giant.

This partnership is different from other telecommunication opportunities from the view that this is simply not some contractual agreement to resell services as a middle man. By way of this 50/50 partnership agreement with a true telecommunication company, FDI International owns the tone and can fix prices under anything else on the market. Because of this and its special technology, it is said that FDI International will be able to extend unlimited talk plans for as little as $25 or less per month. As you can imagine consumers are sitting on the edge of their seats and network marketers are flocking to this organization in droves attempting to get on the ground floor of what promises to be an explosive opportunity. So with all the expectation and hype surrounding this opening, the query remains.

Can FDI International live up to all of the hype? Can they pull it off? Will they fall prey to the same perished effort as the Global Verge/Buzzirk Mobile venture, and others before them or will they bring home the bacon? Are they A Fly By Night Company or a Logical Home Business Opportunity?

Various doubts are cropping up in every mind- Will FDI International be able to testify its worth or will it be a nonstarter like Global Verge Buzzirk Mobile. Will it be able to transform all ambitions in to reality? Shall it be a fleeting affair or a prosperous business enterprise? People are eager to know certain facts about the hype surrounding FDI. The hype involving FDI is catching the imagination of the individuals. They are anxious to know if FDI is established or if it will go fade away like the Global Verge Buzzirk Mobile launch. Is it going to be a fly by night, or an imperishable enterprise? FDI international after its set up has captured the hearts of the people. Individuals are impatient to see it will perform well and not disappear like Global Verge Buzzirk Mobile. They want confidence that it is not a passing fad and has come to stay.

Well, all accounts seem to suggest that FDI will not only "Live Up To The Hype", but will surpass outlooks. Unlike newer networking telecommunication start-ups that have tried unsuccessfully to enter the marketplace, Financial Destination and GI Connect are no start-up organizations trying to deliver a new product to the market. It seems from all sources that FDI will surpass the hype and do extremely well. FDI is different from the new companies that have tried in vain to make a debut in to the market. Financial Destination and GI Connect are proven organizations with a great reputation. FDI will by all odds not dishearten its well wishers as it is not a new company and are seasoned in commercializing. Financial Destination and GI Connect will satisfy all their clients and grow above all the hype by their brilliant execution. FDI is not a start up company in telecommunication networking.

Its endurance all these years testifies the fact. The hype surrounding it is typical. However it is forecast that Financial Destination - FDI will rise above the hype. FDI is an accomplished name in the domain of worldwide network marketing. Therefore it is apparent that it is imperishable and the hype around it is normal. Dissimilar to the new start up companies that are unsuccessful in their new businesses ventures, Financial Destination will do an exceptional job rising above all levels of expectations. Start up companies have went away after trying to establish themselves. FDI has the advantage of being an esteemed company. It has marketed products with maturity. The hype is evident. Not only will Financial Destination live up to the hype, it will excel surpassing all expectations. Combined they have been in business 22+ years, earned over 1Billion dollars in revenue, backed tens of thousands of distributors and millions of customers in 62+ Nations, delivered new cutting edge technology and services to the market over and over again, and have already built up an infrastructure capable of supporting global operations.

In other words, this launch and adding forefront technology and offerings to the market is just business as usual for these 2 companies. However, for the distributors and customers it is nothing butt... This partnership will get to the market cutting edge technology that very few in the industry have seen. This technology will also allow reps to save customers 50%- 90% on the existing telecom expenses. In other words at a time when everyone is searching for ways to save money, they will be teaching people how to save up to 95% of the money that they are already spending! This is the formula for huge growth and success.

On August 14th Financial Destination Inc. and GIConnect officially launched and established its Global telecom company FDI International and is now open for business in 62+ countries straightaway. Here is a recap of the Launch:

1. Telecom is a $4 Trillion Industry worldwide, $1.3 Trillion in US Alone. .
2. Using cutting edge technology to save up to 95% of the cost of Telecommunication today.
3. NO contracts and NO credit verifications for customers!
4. Their Copyrighted technology is an FDI exclusive!
5. Largest compensation program in FDI history with six-figure quarterly potential
6. Only minimum $199 one time setup fee to plug-in to FDI International!
7. Make cell phone to cell phone calls to and from anyone in the world without roaming, long distance, connection charges, or per minute fees of any kind.
8. Technology that will enable you to talk on your cell phone while flying in a commercial flight from coast to coast, without breaking the "no cell phone" law, and at 0 cents per minute?
9. FREE and UNLIMITED access to VIDEO CONFERENCES with or without a video phone, and for up to 23 people at the same time.
10. You can have your own professional grade PBX switch at your home or work place that can route and control the cost of your private, business, fax, VoIP, audio and video conference, and also your cell phone calls from anywhere in the world, for less than the cost of a single phone?
11. FREE VoIP calls on Internet connections as slow as dial-up that is, NOT requiring High-priced Broadband connections?
12. Browse the net on your laptop at broadband speeds, utilizing your cell phone to connect, while at the same time speaking on the same phone, at 0 cents per minute, and with UNLIMITED data download, with no data card, no credit check, and no contract for as little as $10 a month "unlimited.

Early projections estimate over 1 Million Distributors and 10 Million customers to come to this organization in the next 36 month. If you are considering this from an opportunity stand point, then before your head hits the pillow tonight, be sure to take a nice strong look at this organization FDI International. The opportunity, particularly for those that take action now before the future wave, has the potential to make a great deal of individuals exceedingly prosperous in the months to come.

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Would you like to partner with a company that has a 16 yr history of Telecommunication products with over $1 Billion in sales globally providing major contracts to large corporations? We empower you to profit from all 7 categories of Telecommunications with FDI International.

If you have been seeking: A stable company with unique products everyone needs and uses? A powerful, professional, driven, and supportive team of entrepreneurs who help you every step of the way! A way to even have fun doing it.

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