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Fashion designer gives up dream to help charity

Press release August 4, 2009 Young

Trivia Fashion, Unique design from leading fashion designer 20% of the proceeds will be donated to help hurricane victims in Haiti.

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ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Trivia Fashion, Unique design from leading fashion designer. 20% of sold garments are going to be donated to Figaro Foundation to help hurricane victims.

The concept it is an upscale casual clothing line designed by Shy Figaro that uses trivia as the focus.  We test your Trivia Knowledge: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Puzzles, Education and more.  Trivia quiz game displaying questions, comments, anywhere from famous quotes, movie quotes, talk shows, TV Shows, reality shows, lyrics from songs, poems, and more on a garment and then revealing the correct answer.
Trivia spreads love, unity and humor. It also enriches your knowledge through fashion, and changes your set of mind optimistically. Trivia is the celebrities' favorite creating a different promotional avenue.
"TRIVIA is not just fashion, it's what you know!"

*Every garment sold 20% of the proceeds goes to the Figaro Foundation with the intent to provide hurricane shelters, and food for the less fortunate.*

Upon working or re-launching his high end collection "SHY FIGARO Collection" also working on TRIVIA an upscale casual line, Shy Figaro recently was exposed to some news that changed his life for ever.  while sobering in a pond of tears sharing the pain and suffering of his friendly neighbor Island so he put his entire plan on hold: his hobbies, writing, and his time.  All the money he had invested to re-launch his high end collection SHY FIGARO; all had put aside.  He created a foundation and use Trivia collection as the backup where each garment that sells %20 of the proceeds will be donated to help build shelters for the less fortunate.

There is one place that hurricanes hit back to back every year that cause destruction and many deaths among men, woman, and children. That place is Haiti. For decades Haiti has been the poorest nation in the Americas and still continues to strive for a change.

In 2008 Haiti had four deadly Hurricanes back to back (Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike) slamming into the country killing hundreds including babies and children and badly affecting up to 1 million people in one of Haiti's worst ever catastrophes. The lack of governmental infrastructure and rescue services combined with impassable roads and bridges severely hindered rescue and relief efforts.

. Shy Figaro wants to give hope back to Haiti's children by helping to build good homes and shelters so they can be safe. He stated a quote by President Obama "if your neighbor's house is in foreclosure, it will bring down the value of your house as well". "My brothers and sisters Haiti has been in foreclosure for decades. Help me make a difference to bail them out".

His goal is to raise money by selling Trivia clothing and through donation.  Each garment sold 20% of the profit will go toward the foundation.  If the garment is not suitable, everyone is welcomed to donate what's the heart desires for the same cause.  100% of donation will go toward the foundation "Figaro Foundation" to help rebuild Haiti and make a difference.  Figaro Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 in the intent to provide hurricane shelters, housing for families, and food for the less fortunate.

People can make a difference.

"TRIVIA is not just fashion, it's what you know!"

Shy Figaro:  writer, fashion designer
[email protected]