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Enjoying Your “Me” Time with a Tenga Masturbator

Press release July 13, 2010 Business

: For a lot of men, engaging in sex with a partner could be the most gratifying way to release stress and tension experienced in day to day life.

For a lot of men, engaging in sex with a partner could be the most gratifying way to release stress and tension experienced in day to day life. However, there are many cases wherein a partner is not available. As a result, men also engage in “me” time using a masturbator. One particularly good model is the Tenga – a discreet toy meant to provide you with pleasure in the comforts of your own room. Behind locked doors, this nifty gadget can give you the release you really crave.

The Tenga is a revolutionary kind of masturbator designed to provide you with a really good finale as an orgasm. Most men doubt the capabilities of the Tenga as a masturbator. With its tiny egg design, one might think it is not going to let you experience great self-play. However, do not be fooled by its appearance! This gadget can actually be stretched and adjusted to any size you want. When you are looking for a quick warm fuzzy feeling, whip out your Tenga and adjust it slightly. If you are craving for a full-on all-out stress release, expand it to its fullest size and be super weary but relaxed afterwards.

Owning a Tenga masturbator also means you can get a bit more “rowdy” with it without worrying about any breaking or cracking parts. Its egg shape is hard to break, and the tactile sleeves will surprise you with knee-trembling sensations. All around its egg-shaped curvy surface are little ripples that look like mere designs at first, but actually serve to give you more pleasure once it is activated and finds its way to your nether regions. Simply stretch the Tenga and let the material cover the penis completely and then give it a whirl! The wavy pattern will provide great stimulation on your shaft and give you a good release.

To top it off, this Tenga masturbator is the perfect travel masturbator to bring with you on your transcontinental business meetings. After a particularly grueling session with a client, you will definitely look forward to being alone in your hotel room with the Tenga. It is very easy to toss in your bag, given that it is only two and a half inches in length. There are even different sleeve styles that you can choose from, with each one providing a unique kind of sensation (Spider, Wavy and Clicker). Cleaning it is also very easy – you just need to wash it off and wipe it, and the Tenga masturbator is ready for another round of fun by your lonesome.

Indeed, there will be times wherein you will not have the time or the partner to relieve you of your tension. In fact, you also do not need to make efforts to pump and thrust your way to pleasure. After putting it on, you can simply lie back and let the gadget do the pleasuring for you. This is where the Tenga masturbator comes in. It is a handy gadget that you just might find yourself being unable to live without.

A masturbator is a good way to relieve yourself of stress and experience pleasure on your own. The Tenga is one good model that promises an altogether new experience in the world of self-pleasure.