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Enjoy Enhanced Mobility with Bathroom Wheelchair and Mobility Scooters

Press release May 21, 2010 Health

Indoor and outdoor wheelchairs are generally more affordable and widely available today.

Indoor and outdoor wheelchairs are generally more affordable and widely available today.  If you are suffering from permanent or temporary physical disability, then you need at least two types of mobility devices that you can use indoors and outdoors.  More specifically, you will certainly need a bathroom wheelchair so you can use the bathroom without assistance.  You also need mobility scooters so you can enjoy the outdoors any time you want.  Even though you are chair bound, there is no reason why you can not achieve relative independence in your day to day activities.  

First, let us examine the unique features of a bathroom wheelchair and how you can benefit from it.  In the past, the only available indoor mobility device is a standard wheelchair.  This type of mobility chair is quite useful but has limited functionality especially if you want to use the bathroom.  This is the reason why a special wheelchair for the bathroom has been developed.  Bathroom mobility chair will enable you to use the bathroom easily.  In fact, there are bathroom chairs that are fitted with a built-in sanitary toilet.  You can also use these special chairs so you can take a shower without assistance.  You need this type of wheelchair in order not to lose your independence and avoid the feeling of helplessness.

When you look for bathroom wheelchair, the most important thing that you have to consider is your comfort.  Make sure that the bathroom wheelchair has padded seat and back rest.  Although you will not use the bathroom mobility chair for the entire day, it is still best to get a unit that offers superior comfort.  You should also consider the nifty features of the bathroom mobility chair.  Buy a unit that has a drop-arm feature to make side transfers easier and safer.  It is also best to ensure that the padded areas of the chair are waterproof.  The external metal structure should be rust-resistant with easy to manipulate levers for convenient use. 

As stated earlier, a physical disability should not become a hindrance for you to enjoy the outdoors.  There are many mobility scooters today that will enable you to fully enjoy the outdoors.  A special scooter will look more like a prototype motorcycle or a custom-made golf cart.  It does not look like a wheelchair at all.  So this will give you more confidence in exploring parks and other outdoor recreation areas.  In fact, you can safely use mobility scooters when you go to the mall.  Just remember that a mobility scooter is more expensive than conventional motorized wheelchairs.  So you need to look for exceptional features to get the best from your mobility device.  

For starters, you should choose between 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters.  If you will use the scooter for visiting parks with rough roads, then the 4-wheel models would be suitable for you.  4-wheel scooters offer more stability than 3-wheel models.  If you expect to pass through inclined roads, a rear-wheel drive scooter is usually recommended.  You should also check if the scooter can fully support your weight. 

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