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Electronics Design Firm Celebrates 16 Years of Innovation in the Development of Electronic Products

Press release September 9, 2009 Electronics

Advantage Electronic Product Development, a contract electronic product design firm, marks 16 years of innovative solutions for their clients electronic design challenges

Advantage celebrates its sixteenth anniversary this month. For the past 16 years, the company has constantly driven itself to further the development of innovative products.Fostering innovation has allowed Advantage, to be a trailblazer in green energy efficiency, smart grid systems as well as RF & wireless controls and sensor solutions. The utilization of a variety of advanced technologies that create exciting product innovations keeps them on the cutting edge andfostering creativity for their clients. An example of this; Advantage pioneered the development of smart grid components, producing systems that helped ignite a new market-driven demand for energy efficiency.

Early on, Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. recognized the need for an innovative approach in assisting clients to achieve their goals enhancing their competitiveness when bringing products to market. This combination of innovative engineering and designaswell asappropriate gradients to product phases maximizes their clients' market opportunities by bringing product solutions into existence nimbly and efficiently. At the forefront of product design, development & manufacturing of innovative electronics systems, Advantage Electronic Product Development has lived core values of developing products that contribute to the well-being of people and the planet. The company has evolved into a leader in the design of smartgrid,medical and aerospace instruments. “Employing talented technicians, engineers and scientists is one of the keys to our success.  We offer a multidisciplinary team with broad knowledge in relevant technologies and proven methodologies to fully implement innovation in our approach.”states Advantage CEO Jody Singleton.

From their inception in 1993, beginning with the design and development of EA-6B Prowler Electronic Countermeasures Aircraft, and Lear jet flightimmersive simulators for pilot training, on to the developmentof nine satellite instrumentation projects, as well as other milestones; including the development of a medical device for use in the treatment of cancer, and groundbreaking green technology innovations involving smart grid systems until today. At this time Advantage is working with scientists in the development of an instrument for NASA that is designed to detect dangerous circumstances and imperativeto protecting the health of astronauts on deep space flights,the greatest barrier to long range space travel. There have been numerous innovations in between. Recently, Advantage has developed a wide range of demanding engineering projects, including everything from assisting an entrepreneur with filing patents and developing a social networking product that bridges the gap between how people use tools such as MySpace and Facebook and face to face contact, to  a medical instrument utilized during surgery to indicate the first signs of trouble during surgeries to the current NASA deep space instrument that is destined for testing on the International Space Station. Known for their capabilities in support of space and Earth sciences, Green technologies, Renewables/energy and a wide range of instrumentation development, Advantage is prepared to make their mark in the future. In addition to Green Technologies, Advantage offers a variety of electrical engineering services including Aerospace, Instrumentation, Medical, and Consumer products and is looking forward to the next 16 years and beyond.

Ourclients hire us for some of the most difficult and exciting challenges in engineering. Our staff takes great pride in their contributions to better understanding and protecting our planet and the nation.” said Ms. Singleton.