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Press release July 8, 2011 IT

IBM annualy organises symposium for its partners and invited experts, themed on IBM Lotus. This year's June event, with more than 200 participants, focused on the usability of Lotus Domino tool and increasing its effective and fast communication.

A Czech company from Zlin, Edhouse, in cooperation with Cube Team, the IBM partner, came up with an idea to make the applications for mobile devices more accessible. Pavel Strzinek, Edhouse director, presented mobile framework iPFaces and its practical usability with Lotus Domino application on various mobile platforms.

iPFaces framework created by Edhouse is a development platform for mobile applications with universal usage for iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsMobile and BlackBerry.

Due to interconnection of iPFaces and Lotus Domino, managers can access random parts of this groupware application and store important data, forms or KPI analyses on their smartphones. Mobile Lotus Domino applications can collect data, display real-time data and graphs, CRM information or approve important company processes. Using this technology helps managers decide better, since they have important information in time. Above all, these decisions can be done fast, ensure fast feedback for key processes, but also their shortening and optimisation.

Mobile applications have a substantial potential to be a strong marketing tool of companies also towards the end users. They can be smartly connected to customer and community portals, perform bookings, ordering and payment for services by mobile phones. Such applications then become a valuable source of information about the behaviour and needs of customers and due to the feedback may dramatically improve the quality of provided service. Customer loyalty to such applications will improve image of every company.

At the end of Lotus Symposium 2011 the winner of iPad2 (device sponsored by Edhouse and Cube Team) was drawn.