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Easy Updo Hairstyles: The Pony

Press release July 13, 2010 Fashion

The classic pony updo hairstyle was first seen on the fashion catwalks as early as the 1950s. Not only is it the easiest to do, it is also the most versatile.

The classic pony updo hairstyle was first seen on the fashion catwalks as early as the 1950s. Not only is it the easiest to do, it is also the most versatile. Made popular again by current celebrities from shows like The Hills, the new 90210 and Gossip Girl, it is making a strong comeback for proms and other less formal occasions.

The current popular version is also referred to as the edgy pony and the messy pony, and how you work it is totally up to you. What we do know is that the result will be one of the most noticeable updo hair styles that will be the talk of the party for some time to come. The basic steps to achieve the basic pony updo hairstyle are fairly easy to do, and the only limit for this style is your own imagination.

This updo hairstyle is best done with newly washed, dry and prepared with styling product hair for the best effects and ease of handling. Use your fingers to direct hair from the front of the hairline and along the sides of the head up towards the top of the crown area. All of the hair should merge together into a tail formation. To achieve a super tight pony without wrinkles or bulges, use bobby pins and an elastic cord wrap. Once you tie the wrap around the tail, place bobby pins above and below the elastic to hold the hair securely in place.

Separate out a section of the newly created tail that is approximately 1 to 2 inches wide. You will want to wrap this section around the base of the tail several times to create a secure base, and place bobby pins strategically to secure the wrap in place. Use a brush to back comb the pony until it is full and lush, being sure to leave the top near the crown smooth. This is called teasing the hair, and in this kind of updo hair styles, it is an essential step for creating a variety of effects. After you have finished teasing, gently pull the tail of the pony towards the front of the head, centering it between the back of the crown and the front of the head.

Now it is time to get creative with updo hair styles. You can now create a smooth loop with the tail, creating the classic bun, pinning the edge underneath one half inch below the hairline on the back. You can twist it, using style mousse to achieve the proper twist, or curl it, forming the same wrap and pin. Another chic look for updo hair styles is to braid it, and wrap it tighter for a classic effect.

Another variation is to tease, twist and pull the pony towards the eyes, pinning it in place for an edgy and spiky crown. You can leave your updo hairstyle smooth and let it drape the eyes, creating a more punk style with the proper application of styling products.

However you want the final effect to be, let your creativity fly and you should be able to create any number of looks from the basic pony tail method. You can further dress it up with gems, flowers, or a set of beautiful enameled chopsticks. The final look will be uniquely yours, and if it does not come out perfect, do not worry about it. Slightly messy is also cool, just ask Paris Hilton.

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