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Driven by consumer trends, air freshener market experiences growth

Press release July 23, 2014 Air freshener market, air freshener industry, air freshener market share

The Global Air Fresheners market can be segmented into four divisions: Spray/Aerosol Fresheners, Electric Air Fresheners, Car Air Fresheners, and Other Air Fresheners Products.

Air fresheners are mostly used in commercial and personal environments to emit fragrances that will rid the area of nasty odors and freshen the air. Hugely popular for easy availability of varied fragrances, the global air freshener market is expected to receive a significant boost in the near future. Furthermore, driven by the changing consumer buying trends, including their inclination towards various fragrant products like candles, sprays, and fragrant gels, the market are expected to reach USD 8.2 billion by 2015.

This report, Global Air Fresheners Market 2014-2018, highlights the market landscape with focus on the growth prospects in the coming year. Segmented into four divisions, mainly the spray/aerosol fresheners, car air fresheners, electric air fresheners and other air freshener’s products, the report also provides an in-depth analysis of the key vendors operating in the market.

Factors instrumental in market growth

One of the major factors that could play an important role in fuelling the growth of the air freshener industry is the growing importance of aromatherapy. Requiring different types of fragrances that act as an enhancer of mood and health of individuals, fragrant air fresheners play an important role as they provide both functional and emotional benefit by reducing odor and enhancing the environment. Other aspects like urbanization, increased consumer spending and inclination to create an ideal atmosphere for home and office are also some of the contributing factors that are affecting the air freshener market significantly.

Introduction of eco-friendly sprays

Recently, eco-friendly sprays are dominating the air freshener market. With consumers becoming more health conscious, they are avoiding air fresheners that contain harmful ingredients. The market players are avoiding the usage of harmful ingredients that can have long-term adverse affects on both human health and the environment, and replacing them with natural ingredients. The introduction of these eco-friendly sprays are expected to significantly contribute to the growth of the air freshener industry.

Key sectors for growth

Europe is the largest regional sector for global air fresheners market, closely followed by USA. This is despite seeing a noticeable drop in sales in 2008-2009 because of the economic slowdown that had forced consumers to cut down on their spending. However, Asia Pacific is a fastest growing market with sales projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 4%.

Market overview

Innovative products, especially those capable of cleaning stale air quickly, dominate the air freshener industry. To cite an instance, car air fresheners, distributed as automotive products, demonstrate similar functions as that of air fresheners. The increasing demand for cars and the consumers demanding fresh air and using appealing fragrances are other factors that have bolstered the air freshener market’s growth prospects. Furthermore, with the increased demand, the air fresheners too have shifted from being available only as aerosol spray to gels, electric plug-ins and also timed dispense products that have the made the market more diverse.

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Air freshener market, air freshener industry, air freshener market share