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Do not sing out of key!

Press release January 14, 2015 Piano, keyboard, scale, major, minor, music, theory, sing, play, pitch

New app ScaleCoach helps you sing and play on key

DO YOU SING OF KEY? This new app ScaleCoach PRO helps everybody to play and sing on key at all levels. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 years old and plays the violin or you are 55 years old and sings in a choir, ScaleCoach can definetely help you. 

ScaleCoach is designed for immediate intonation based on scale training. Scalecoach is an high-end app that will help you to manage all the scales you need in an easy and entertaining way. 

Speech, singing and language doctor Hans Toft-Olsen from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark has just released the new app ScaleCoach PRO in App Store and Google Play. 

For most people it is a very complicated process to sing on key. Some people can just do it but most people has to train their ability to do it and that demands time and willingnes and often on top of that it requires a trainer – and that is what  ScaleCoach is. 

ScaleCoach PRO is the newest app on the market ,the best and most  educational test of your own intonation. The S.W.Y.P. (See What You Play) functionality will on the keyboard show you your own tones and intonation no matter what instrument you are playing. 

ScaleCoach is a very important tool also when you are a music teacher. With this app you can practice alone and you also have the opportunity to challenge each other. Who can hit the tones spot on and who scores the most points. 

If you are interested in testing and reviewing ScaleCoach Pro we have the opportunity to send a code to the first 10 people who respond. They will receive a free version in the ITunes App Store. 

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Piano, keyboard, scale, major, minor, music, theory, sing, play, pitch