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Development is the Leader's Most Important Fuel

Press release December 18, 2013 Probana Mini MBA Management Bussiness school

The daily pressure of constantly delivering tangible results means that many leaders try to close the budget gaps on their own. This is at the expense of their time spent on management; in other words at the expense of encouraging the employees to contribute to close the budget gap.


As a participant on the Mini MBA, en you will receive a strong basis for working with the human aspects of management. This can be done by strengthening your own ability to fill out a demanding leadership role through increased self-insight - both in the leadership role and as a person. Both private and public organizations and companies must constantly be effective and reflect the activities that the organization must perform. On the Mini MBA - which has attracted more than a thousand Danish and international business executives - you will be presented with tools and methods to change the organization's design to fit the current market situation. Among other things, you will learn how to diagnose a company's situation and how to optimize the organizational architecture. At the same time, you are presented with methods of how your company can succesfully implement organizational changes, and how we can overcome the potential barrier, as well as the resistance to change that will often occur.

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Probana Mini MBA Management Bussiness school