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Datto Inc. Releases On and Off-Site Backup and Virtualization Solution

Press release March 31, 2009 IT

Datto Inc. today unveiled Viridian, its next-generation backup device offering virtualization, a move that directly pits the company against Zenith Infotech

The Viridian family of products merges Datto's industry-leading backup technology with powerful virtualization. In the event of a hardware failure, Viridian eliminates downtime by locally virtualizing failed server infrastructure in a matter of minutes. If a natural disaster or other physical catastrophe strikes, Viridian's off-site virtualization allows business critical IT infrastructure to continue running, even when there is no access to the servers. The Viridian series uses Sun Microsystems' powerful VirtualBox virtualization technology, providing pre-configured virtual machines ready to be used, making recovery fast and easy.

Today's announcement extends Datto's offering to include the ultimate data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution at an affordable price. Viridian devices store all data onsite, as well as off-site at two independent, secure data centers. Each Viridian is capable of backing up an unlimited number of servers, and can virtualize up to 4 failed servers simultaneously (depending on model), providing leading technology in a cost-effective package.

Datto Inc. has partnered with industry-leading StorageCraft to provide ShadowProtect software licensing on all Datto devices. This partnership brings ShadowProtect, the best in backup, virtualization, and recovery software, to the revolutionary Viridian product series. Viridian, like all Datto devices, also works with any existing first or third party backup software.

The Viridian family includes 4 powerful models at unprecedented prices, starting with the V250 at $999. All Viridian devices use Datto's off-site backup and support network, with storage plans available as low as $0.11 per GB per month.

About Datto:

Datto Inc, founded in 2007, is the patented provider of simple and affordable backup and recovery solutions. Datto is continuously updating its product offering and deploying cutting edge, reliable devices to make data backup and disaster recovery easier and more affordable. Information about Datto can be found at