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Danish Designer Fabrics Meet American Sea Life

Press release October 17, 2017

Creative sewing fans can now sprinkle happiness into their children's wardrobes and rooms with the new Sea Life fabric collection, filled with ocean animals and playful colors


Copenhagen, October 17th, 2017 from Designer by Heart. 

Nina Hansen is a Danish graphic designer and she is the founder of the company Designer by Heart. She recently launched an entire collection of surface pattern designs called Sea Life for baby and children's apparel and nursery decor. The collection caters to women who want to create something unique and special for their children or grandchildren to make them or their rooms stand out. "I created the Sea Life collection because I want to help bring the wonder and beauty of the sea life into children's wardrobes and rooms", says Nina Hansen. 

Inspired by life in and around the sea, the collection includes six designs for girls and six designs for boys. From life on the ocean floor, the girl's designs include sea turtles, sand dollars, starfish, shells, and corals. The boy's designs contain happy animals of the sea, including whales, seahorses and jellyfish. In addition, the boy's collection includes anchors, shells, sailboats, and island paradise blue stripes. 

The Sea Life collection stands out by picturing sea animals, shells and plants of the ocean and by offering a mix of light-hearted and positive energy in playful contrast colors. "My intention with the Sea Life collection was to create an imaginative ocean world, and I wanted to make sure my designs in this collection have a fun and cheerful vibe in them", says Nina Hansen. 

Nina Hansen has spent a great deal of her adult life in the U.S. where she got her university degrees. She first attained a degree in fashion buying, which led to a position as a creative swimsuit buyer. Nina wanted to provide design change suggestions digitally, because she found herself explaining her ideas to the designer, instead of being able to show them. After explaining her ideas, Nina would usually have to wait for a week to see the outcome. When she got the opportunity to study at Hawaii Pacific University, she took a Master's degree in Communication where she specialized in Graphic Design. 

While studying in Hawaii, Nina worked as an assistant graphic design lead where she developed her creative skills. "Living in Hawaii and by the shores of Florida and California, has given me so much inspiration. I love to shell and everything that has to do with beaches and the ocean", says Nina Hansen. 

The Sea Life designer fabric collection is suited for both nursery decor and children apparel. Creative sewing enthusiasts can now embark on exciting sewing projects, like bedding, decorative pillows, curtains and clothing that will brighten their children’s rooms and wardrobes with colorful sea animals on an underwater journey.

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