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Danish company takes on the US construction industry with new patented paint, that reduces energy consumption up to 15 %

Press release August 30, 2019 US patent Paint Coating B2B Roof protection Environment

The Danish company Nowocoat has taken out US patent on three new types of paint, that can be used to cool down either roofs, facades or woodwork. The paint is called Coolingpaint and is developed from scratch at the company’s factory in Denmark. The company now enters the US market and offers private-label solutions to existing paint and coating manufacturers.

NowoCoat Coolingpaint termic view

A huge potential
“We are very pleased and proud to have patented Coolingpaint in the United States. For me, this reinforces the fact that we here at Nowocoat are not just capable of developing the advanced technical and innovative products that the market needs from scratch, but it also shows that with the competences, R&D and production facilities that we possess, we can be at the forefront of the international league,” says CEO of Nowocoat A/S Ole E. Jensen and continues:

“In many ways, Coolingpaint is a product with huge potential - not just here in Denmark, but also particularly abroad, and the technology behind it is interesting to many different segments. The need for cooling is increasing in most places around the world, but also here in our northern latitudes. Coolingpaint makes it possible to use the sun-reflecting paint to reduce the temperature on the treated surfaces significantly and in that way, among other things, reduce the energy consumption for cooling.”

A unique kind of protection
Nowocoat’s patent is called Solvent-free Infrared Reflective Surface Coating and covers both the structure and the process behind Coolingpaint. The technology is originally from the United States military’s stealth project which was to make planes less visible to radar. Nowocoat has further developed the technology with special equipment that homogenises the chemical composition of the paint’s pigments and additives. The pigments have microscopic mirrors added to them which reflect over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays. That reduces the amount of absorbed heat by up to 20%. Coolingpaint is based on HybridTechnology-System™ and includes the anti-fungal and algae-inhibiting additive SlowRelease-Protection™, which means that the additive is only activated in moist weather. This means that Coolingpaint provides the same protection that we know from common treatments for facades, woodwork and roofs and it also protects against the sun’s harmful infrared rays.

“As always, we here at Nowocoat are focusing on making products that can both live up to strict quality requirements and meet the desire for a product that contains no harmful substances. As a result, Coolingpaint carries the EU Ecolabel which is a guarantee that the product meets strict environmental requirements throughout all phases of its lifecycle. This also means that Coolingpaint does not contain heavy metals, softening agents and harmful amounts of solvents. At the same time, it has been quality tested in accordance with international standards for coverage and opacity, UV-stability, adhesion, peeling, blistering, crack formation, high weather resistance, fungal and algal growth, gloss and colour change and the ability to reflect infrared rays,” Ole E. Jensen explains.

Environmental perspectives
Large cities are struggling with a phenomenon called Urban Heat Islands. These are areas in cities where the temperature is significantly higher than in the surrounding natural areas due to people, buildings and machines absorbing and giving off heat. The phenomenon is harmful to both the environment and people’s health, as the rising temperatures once again increase the demand for cooling which results in air pollution and bad interior climates.
“An untreated roof can reach surface temperatures of 90°C, while the temperature on a roof treated with Coolingpaint Roof is reduced by up to 15%. In practice, this means that it is possible to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and, not least, reduce the energy consumed by cooling units placed on the rooftop. The better that surfaces are able to reflect the sun’s rays, the more the temperature can be kept down - both on the surface and inside the building - and here Coolingpaint is a very financially and environmentally attractive solution,” Ole E. Jensen concludes.

COOLINGPAINT® is available for several types of woodwork, facades and roofs in common standard colours.

For further information, please contact the CEO of Nowocoat, Ole E. Jensen by calling +45 30303234 or sending an email to [email protected]

About Nowocoat A/S
Nowocoat A/S is an innovative and modern coating plant with roots that go back to 1861. We make innovative, functional and durable coatings for industry, production and professional use. In 2018, we opened our new factory in Denmark where we can produce up to 65,000 litres three times per day - with full traceability, environmental responsibility and optimal quality assurance. We are therefore double certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 quality standard. Through innovation and development, we create new standards for the effect that can be achieved via surface treatments while at the same time we are entering into close collaborations with our customers so that we can deliver solutions that are an optimal match for their production and needs.



US patent Paint Coating B2B Roof protection Environment