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Crazy Danes knocks Wham off the lists

Press release December 4, 2013 Denmark Christmas Music

Or at least that’s the plan, when they this year release their popular Christmas song number 10.

No other band in the world, as far as we know, have made this many Christmas songs in a row, and with our anniversary we want to establish that we have made the new “Last Christmas”, which hopefully will be played worldwide for many years to come.

The boyband “Thorsø All-Stars” have put all their knowledge from the past 10 years into one song: “The Final Christmas Song”, and with music mixed by professionals and a Youtube music video, they believe that their mission is absolutely possible.

The music and video from the past 9 years are already well known in Denmark, and a lot of people are waiting every year for the song to be released. “The Final Christmas Song”, which actually is their final song, was released on December 1st .

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