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Conflicts as a Development Tool?

Press release August 23, 2013 Education

Whether your organisation is public or private, it will inevitably contain a number of conflicts.

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If these conflicts are not handled properly by the manager and the employees, this may harm the organisation’s brand value and employer brand. Additionally, it will counteract the implementation of the defined business strategy which will reduce growth and innovation.

There are hardly any employees or managers who have never experienced any form of conflict situation in the workplace. To many employees, conflicts are a source of frustration and demotivation. But often, conflicts hold a potential for a constructive development, if they are handled with the proper tools!

Conflicts usually arise when dedicated employees are met with resistance from the manager towards their visions and ideas. Behind the conflict may therefore lay a desire to create something better and more useful. In order to make best use of the conflict's hidden potential, it is important to have an insight and understanding of the world of psychology, in order to understand the frustrated employee.

The world of psychology offers the most effective, as well as fastest methods for growth, change and personal development. Psychology’s significance to employees' well-being has made its entrance into the management's office. More and more business executives have acknowledged psychology as a tool for managing and leading employees in way that focuses on the employees’ perspective. This has proven to have a direct effect on the company's bottom line result.

A thorough understanding of the human social conventions, personality and emotions is a good starting point for encountering tomorrow's challenges and having a strong presence as a 21st. century leader.  

Study your way to a deeper psychological insight and knowledge. Form a general overview of things, so that you and your colleagues can work together in using conflicts constructively to achieve better organisational results.

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