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Communication as a Management Tool: Communication in Organisations

Press release December 4, 2013 Mini MBA Probana Business school Management Communication

The ability to communicate effectively, to cooperate and to deliberately make use of communicative instruments is at least as important as the pure professional competences in the company.


Generally, communication can be considered as what makes the company go round and be coherent. Through communication, we are able to share knowledge with each other and in this way, develop our management skills, as well as the organisation as a whole.

Instead of considering communication as merely a professional competence that belongs with the communication department in a company, good communication skills can advantageously be considered as a very basic and necessary employee competence.

Good communication is the cornerstone of most of an organisation's activities and processes. What the company communicates both internally and externally, is of crucial importance for the image that the outside world creates of the company. But communication also plays an important role for how each employee is able to reflect themselves in the company.

Communication as a Management Tool for Internal Dialogue

In a time with high focus on job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, competitive advantages, engagement and employee involvement in the workplace, communication is one of the key areas where the manager has the opportunity to create a dialogue between top management and employees. From a management perspective, communication is an essential competence, as it must ensure a coherent presentation of the top management's decisions to the employees. On the other hand, the manager works as the communication link between employees and the top management.

A good internal corporate culture is created when a manager successfully fulfills his or her role as the start and end points for the company's internal communications, in order for a dynamic two-way communication to occur.

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Mini MBA Probana Business school Management Communication