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CJ International Announces 25 Percent Increase in Entry File Productivity Using IES, Ltd. Software

Press release August 11, 2009 Business

Freight Forwarder explains the announcement, and adds detail on how an integrated business model is essential to success.


BALTIMORE, M.D.,-- Samya Murray, President of C J International Inc., provides insight, “In every industry, the businesses that remain viable are those who balance two key components effectively. In particular, they must provide an essential service while still keeping a close eye of the bottom line.”

“In the freight forwarding industry, you must track the health of your business while still staying close enough to manage the intricacies of moving freight. In a sense, success lies in effectively balancing operations with accounting. When you add the complexities of multiple branches and worldwide agents, it is even more imperative to keep tabs on what your business is doing.”

“We have found that our business partners must also be in line with this same business model. We needed a software provider that could integrate operations and accounting while understanding the particular demands of our industry. I am proud to announce that after a series of product rollouts from technology provider IES, Ltd., we have increased our entry file productivity by 25%. This provides us more freedom to focus on our mission of providing our clients with the quality service upon which C J was built. In addition, IES software has made it possible for C J International, Inc. to achieve our goal of a less than 3% error rate.”

“A successful company must also offer value-added services while keeping costs to a minimum. Again, this ties into our objective to offer detailed services while still keeping a higher level view. Specifically, we offer the IES Web Tracking portal that allows our customers to view the status of their shipments in detail online. As a result, we can offer 24 hour access to shipments, allowing us to provide a world-class service through technology.”

About C J International, Inc.

Established in Baltimore, Maryland in 1987, C J International, Inc.,, is committed to providing its customers with personalized service. The company views its clients as partners in their success, offering solutions for Customs brokerage, freight forwarding, insurance, warehousing and distribution. The company now has 6 branch offices throughout the United States, including two CFS warehouse operations in Kentucky. C J International, Inc. has developed an extensive network of international agents over the last 20-plus years in business. C J has been submitting ISF 10+2 filings since the beginning of the Flexible Enforcement Period, and has been working closely with their clients to prepare them for this major change to importer reporting requirements. For more information, contact Diane Pachilis, +1-410-563-6020.

About IES, Ltd.

With offices in the US and in Hong Kong, IES, Ltd.,, is one of the largest software transportation companies in North America. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the IES suite of import and export solutions serves freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, Customs brokers and other transportation intermediaries. The company is well-known for the complete integration and automation of all aspects of creating and managing an international shipment. The suite of IES flexible software solutions allow its customers to choose only the features they require.

IES was the first software company out the door with an ISF 10+2 compliance solution. The company was hand-picked by US Customs (CBP) to take part in a pilot ISF program. IES customers were already filing thousands of ISF '10+2' Transactions with CBP prior to the ISF Interim Ruling. For more information, contact IES Sales, +1-201-639-5000.



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