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Check Free Magazine Apps for iPad Best Demo Version

Press release June 29, 2015

Free Magazine Apps for iPad

The trial run on the Free Magazine Apps for iPad delivers an excellent first hand impression of what you can expect. This brand new format of publishing staffs online is rapidly getting popular with millions of webmasters across the world using it publishing content in any niche. Until now, the almost ubiquitous option for a serious online publication was to make it available in the PDF e-book format.

These files serve the purpose of providing the text but the homogenous format does not deliver any additional encouragement to continue reading. The reader would read if the content is important and good to read, but the format is very academic.

Excellent rich media experience

In contrast to the e-books, the e-magazines deliver a bright and vibrant reading experience. Check out the free demo run with your preferred digital publisher. You only have to ensure that the convertible files are first available in the PDF format. The rest is super easy! Just upload the same to the online software system and customize it according to your requirements.

A very wide range of customization options has been made available to set the page in any way you like! Apart from colourful formatting of the blocks of texts and the images, you can also embed live media such as video or audio. The focus on delivering an attractive user experience serves its need sufficiently in all aspects of the digital mag.

Bridging digital and print

Cross platform responsive compatibility allows the publisher to set the document ready for publication on iPhones, Android gadgets, desktops, notebooks, and laptops besides the iPad. The demo is totally FREE but developing the actual magazine would require paid subscription. Subscription plans are very convenient and the expenditure is totally worth the experience your reader gets to enjoy. One of the most enticing features of the Free Magazine Apps for iPadis to deliver a realistic simulation of turning pages on the touch screen.

The reader greatly enjoys this fantastic technical bridging between the virtual and print publications. In fact, this way to publish is totally the best option if your magazine has both digital and print versions. Many leading global magazines follow this way to publish these days. The online version would not only enhance the reading experience, but would also generate the interest to feel the same experience in print.

Multiple SEO benefits

The publisher benefit in both ways because the online magazine also has SEO benefits. As your virtual readership grows, it can automatically be channelized into promoting the print publication. The digital mag allows great advantages to place sponsored ads on the pages as well. All you have to do is place the advert of your own print publication in the digital version. Effective lead generation features in the Free Magazine Apps for iPad would increase your reader base.

As your readership grows, it affects your SEO page rank positively. Just make sure that the content quality is so good that it complements the positive impression delivered by the default format. Other SEO beneficial aspects include extensive analytics, social media sharing, and dynamic web pages to receive reader feedbacks.