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Centurion2® Redefines the Map in Cyber War

Press release May 10, 2010 IT

Businesses and Government will have a new weapon in their arsenal to fight cybercrime. A revolutionary System and Software-architecture is about to become reality that assures 100% safety from cyber-attacks. Centurion2® will be the only enterprise system fully immune to internal and external intrusion.

May 10, 2010

(Boca Raton, FL) - Hun Technology, Inc. announces Centurion2® (c2), a global Enterprise Management System perfected over 20 years by visionary Ferenc Ledniczky and a team of IT specialists.  

c2 will be the ultimate weapon in fighting cyber-crime and permanently fills a void current systems are failing to fill.

Hun Technology now deploys phase two of an aggressive development process to meet the needs of availability within 36 months. From their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, the company is mobilized for expansion and c2’s launch.

“Designed to be an - IT Appliance - in a true sense, c2 is intelligent, aware of time and place, immune to Breaking and Entering and other malicious acts whether instigated externally or internally.” says Ferenc Ledniczkyfounder and president of Hun Technology.

c2 is vastly different from systems offered by SAP, Oracle, IBM and the rest. While competition wrestles with updating encryptions to prevent and respond to intrusions, c2 relies on its unique Universal Data Platform, File-Less record keeping and concurrent Batch-Less data processing infrastructure to keep information safe.

c2 negates the need for passwords and other unsafe hardware identification methods, but instead uses biometric ID methods (i.e. facial recognition, retinal scan, and typing rhythm) for easy, simple and safe computer use.

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Hun Technology, a purveyor of Next Generation Information Technology.Centurion2® is a global Enterprise Management System guaranteeing 100% safety against cyber-attacks.