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Brand New Oppurtunity....ATTENTION...If you are a marketer or an affilliate...READ THIS

Press release January 26, 2010 Business

A new concept is coming....


Are you an affilliate marketer... or maybe you are looking to make money online. Maybe you have tried before and are doing everything right, but you are just not making REAL money...or maybe you are new to all this and still looking to make some money online but you just can seem to do it.

And you dont know why..?

Guess what .... I know why.... Please allow me to explain.

Ok...let me take something that EVERYONE has heard of, GOOGLE SNIPER.

A fantastic system as we know. A high conversion seller, the actual system works very well, you may of been an affiliate for this product for all I know...... so why havent you made as much REAL money as you had hoped..?... After all the commision rate is why..?

The answer .... MARKET SATURATION.

You see, by the time YOU got the oppurtunity to jump on was already too late. SIMPLE.

Let me ask you, did you join via an email from SOMEONE else..maybe a landing page..??

Well by the time you joined up you were probably already 20 levels down....OR MORE.

The big guys at the top had ALREADY recruited MILLIONS of affiliates to market for them.

My name is Mark, I was an accountant for some SERIOUS companies, and I have something to offer you that you NEED.

I am not selling anything here, I am promoting a new concept oppurtunity.

What if I could GIVE you the hottest PRE-LAUNCH products maybe 2 MONTHS before there release.?? THE SAME TIME THE BIG GUYS GET IT...

Can you see the potential here..? ..Think about this for a minute... You could SECURE a web domain GUARANTEEING top spot on google well before its release, then theres the marketing aspects to of course..... I dont think you need to be a genius to figure this oppurtunity out. For example, if you searched for Google Sniper last year, there were 0 results, now there are some 5 million search results..take a look yourself.

BUT...Here is the catch, I will only have LIMITED space for this kind of info as you can imagine. Once the spaces are filled..DOORS CLOSED.. This is going to blow the lid on will be dealing DIRECTLY with me and so if you want to secure a space for this...It goes live early February by the way so there is not much time....then email me for details DIRECT at :

[email protected]

remember...first come..I will reply within 48 hrs.