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Boston AREIA raises $8,000 for Non-Profit Rosie's Place

Press release December 20, 2009 Business

Real Estate Investors donate money for Homelessness Prevention

The Boston Area Real Estate Investors’ Association (Boston AREIA) hosted a special event for their December meeting:  an auction fundraiser for Rosie’s Place.   Attendees offered donations to Rosie’s Place and were given real estate investing courses and tickets to educational workshops.  Boston AREIA members donated over $8,000.

Local Auctioneer, Bert Cox, donated his services and helped raise the bids for Rosie’s Place.  Various national speakers donated courses and workshops, including Donna Bauer, Wendy Patton, Scott Meyers, Andy Heller and Than Merrill.  Approximately 75 people attended the event. 

 “We especially support Rosie’s Place because of it’s dedication to prevention of homelessness and eviction. Their homelessness prevention initiatives, such as rental assistance and support services, provide families the help they need to remain in their homes,” said Dianne Shvanda of Boston AREIA.  “We were thrilled with the enthusiasm of our members at the auction. They stepped up and outbid each other in the spirit of giving.”

Rosie’s Place, located in Boston, MA, is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women.  The organization provides a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. For more information, visit

Boston AREIA is group of like-minded real estate investors, entrepreneurs and professionals, coming together to discuss and share deals, investing techniques, contacts, methods, financing, strategies, education, motivation, training, mentoring and success.  For more information, visit